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little one
Purred: Tue May 30, '06 5:32pm PST 
Mommy just wanted everyone to know that she went to Target today and the $1 section has pet stuff again! Mostly dog stuff, but there are a few kitty stuff - she bought me new bowls, placemats and a cat toy - and they're all in hawaiian print! big grin How cute!

❤Ruben❤- DB #⑩

The Boss
Purred: Tue May 30, '06 5:44pm PST 
Sounds like she found some good deals. I will have to send mom to check things out.
Mom wanted me to tell you that you are sooooo cute

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I'm bringing- sexy back
Purred: Tue May 30, '06 6:09pm PST 
Hi Mooch! Mom saw the new items yesterday and they sure are cute. Tropical for the summer season.

MorganThePi- rate in- heaven

You Gotta Love- Me, I'm a Pirate
Purred: Wed May 31, '06 5:12am PST 
Mom bought us a ton of stuff too! I even got two new dishes - they are red crabs and I love them! Mom bought bandanas and is gonna make us all matching ones that slip on our collars. One bandana is enough for all of us including the doggys.

Target rocks for Pet Stuff!


watch out for my- claws.
Purred: Wed May 31, '06 1:38pm PST 
Grandma went and brought home stuff for the dogs, frown. But she came home with some Hawaiian print bandanas, so mom will make us some catnip toys from them. smile

Kitty Mongoose

Bringing Back- Old Fashion Sass
Purred: Thu Jun 1, '06 9:27pm PST 
LOVE the $1 section at Target!