Beastie Bands

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Ginger Cat

Ginger with- plenty of snap
Purred: Thu Apr 20, '06 7:33am PST 
Has anyone had experience wearing the beastie bands collars? Are they really as comfy as they say they are? And will I keep it on? They certainly look fashionable with all those designs to choose from...

Purrs and paws, Ginger Cat


Purred: Sun Apr 23, '06 9:08pm PST 
My mommy bought some of those, but doesn't really use them. They have velcro closures, and I can open my safety collar closure trivially, so those don't stay on me for a second! My brother, Forest, will leave just about anything on, including those ridiculous holiday ruffles, so he can wear those (and has for weeks on end) until I rip them off when I pounce on him! They are very cute, and the foamy material is fairly thick and soft, so they are probably comfortable. The designs aren't sewn on, its like screen printing or something, and on close insepction not the best quality for the designs...they probably would wear off after alot of heavy use - but they are still adorable and our mommy likes to put them on my brother sometimes just for fun. If you don't mind having collars on, and don't have someone like me who will tear them off of you, then they aren't so bad! My mommy just likes the security of the collars that fasten with a buckle or clip, since I always try to get outside!