Captain Jack - Supermodel?

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Captain Jack

I've got me eye- on ye!
Purred: Wed Mar 8, '06 9:22am PST 
Ahoy Mateys!

I find meself in unchartered waters.. a place no pirate has ever gone before.. on the cover of a magazine! Okay, well it be a newsletter and it be not happenin' yet. So I be needin' yer vote to make Cap'n Jack a Superstar. Surely no pirate be deservin' it more than the mighty Cap'n Jack.

If ye be havin' 2 seconds, please give me yer vote! Only 2 clicks and ye'll help make Cap'n Jack a Supermodel!


Thank ye!

Cap'n Jack
Workin' it.

Edited by author Wed Mar 8, '06 9:25am PST


Scooter ~- Our Angel

It's all about- 'The Scootster'
Purred: Wed Mar 8, '06 9:46am PST 
You already have my vote, Captain Jack! Best of luck to you.

Captain Jack

I've got me eye- on ye!
Purred: Wed Mar 8, '06 11:16am PST 
Thank ye beautiful Scooter!

Jordan- Elisabeth- Jones

Tonkinese if you- please!
Purred: Fri Mar 10, '06 10:19am PST 
Captain Jack, we just voted for you! Good luck, matey!

*waves "hi" to Scooter*

MorganThePi- rate in- heaven

You Gotta Love- Me, I'm a Pirate
Purred: Fri Mar 10, '06 12:36pm PST 
Way cool! Another Pirate! I voted for you for sure! I'm Captain Morgan, the Pirate Gato of the Caribbean! I sailed the seas with all my booty to find a new life here in the states!

Harry- ~*Angel*~

Come home Abby
Purred: Fri Mar 10, '06 1:41pm PST 
Hi Captain Jack --

We voted for you too!

Harry & the gang


Definate- tortie-tude
Purred: Fri Mar 10, '06 2:37pm PST 
Good luck. You have our vote!


I am carnivore,- hear me meow
Purred: Fri Mar 10, '06 3:23pm PST 
We voted for ya Captain Jack! Best of luck to you!


The Bacon Queen
Purred: Fri Mar 10, '06 4:42pm PST 
I voted for you Jack. btw... you're winning!


Purred: Fri Mar 10, '06 5:39pm PST 
Ahoy to you, Captain Jack! We voted for you - good luck. I'm also in a photo contest so hope you'll vote for me too. Here's the link


I'm no pirate yet but I want to be one when I grow up. Please vote for Oliver.

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