Games to play with your kitty!

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"Here comes- trouble!"
Purred: Tue Jan 31, '06 4:54pm PST 
Hey guys! Mom has a few great ideas to share with everyone. Are you a bored indoor cat? Feeling a little chubby around the waist line? Well tell your humans about these games!

- Use a feather attatched to a string, attatch the string with the feather to the end of the stick. Tease your cat with it. Make sure you let him "catch" the feather once in a while.

-Cats LOVE paper bags. Find a large enough bag that will allow your cat to go inside of it. Poke some holes in the bag, stick your fingers in the hole and watch your cat go nuts!

- Crinkle up a peice of paper and throw it to your cat.

- Get a flash light, and shine the light on the floor ( this is GREAT excersise! ) Move it around in different directions.

Know of any other games to play with your kitty? Post them here!

- Simba


Oooh-wah- Ooooh-wah Cool- Cool Kitty
Purred: Thu Feb 16, '06 9:52am PST 
I like the paper idea. I love ripping up paper and my mommy lets me but her room mates don't like me doing it.


I'm bringing- sexy back
Purred: Thu Feb 16, '06 11:20am PST 
My favorite game is "What is under the tissue paper?" Mom puts out a piece of tissue paper and puts some of my sparkle balls underneath it or she moves a stick under the paper. I attack and attack. It's so much fun!

Angel Ashley

Purred: Mon Apr 3, '06 7:30pm PST 
My favorite games is with catnip bubbles. My mommy got them at PetSmart. They are these catnip bubbles and my mommy blows them and I go nuts trying to catch them. It's really fun and I love catnip


The Littest- Trouble Maker
Purred: Tue Apr 4, '06 8:25am PST 
Mamoo gots us a feathered fish coverd in fake fur from Woodman's (super huge grocery store). It had a string on it and mommy and daddy would swing it everywhere...make us go crazy! It was only a dollar, but we loved it! She got for us on Friday night....by Sunday it was ripped to shreds!

Gremlin- (Rainbow- Bridge)

The Cat is the- Center of All- Things
Purred: Tue Apr 18, '06 4:22pm PST 
I always loved paper bags and fishing-pole toys. Lucie is such a ditz, though, she likes flashlights and when Mommie flashes the light into her litter box, it reminds her to go! Guffaw!!

Billi Bi- Humphrey

"Got chicken!?"
Purred: Tue Apr 18, '06 9:13pm PST 
THIS works like a charm! Tie a string or ribbon onto your belt loop in the back and start cleaning the house. Everywhere you go you'll have a little nutball (that would be me and my sister) running around after you.


Merlin the- Magician!
Purred: Sun May 21, '06 12:51pm PST 
My mommy and me actually play hide and seek - it's good exercise for the both of us! Meow, meow!

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