animal cops bengal breeder

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uni- (ooo-knee)

bengal beauty
Purred: Mon Jan 30, '06 8:40pm PST 
does anyone know what the name of the cattery that had over 100 bengals seized from the property was? it was on animal cops houston and it was in texas. the cats were so beautiful but incredibly nasty.

Angel- TJ(Akerrs- Tazzmaniac- Jr)

World's Number 1- Most Magnificent- Cat
Purred: Mon Feb 20, '06 3:34pm PST 
Momcat and I saw that episdode and it really bothered us. We don't remember the name of the breeder (if it was even provided), but I am a Bengal, and I take exception to the show.

They described the Bengals as being dangerous wild cats, and taht is not the truth. the Bengal breed, at the pet level, is at least 6 generations from the Asian Leopard Cat, and is considered to be a domestic breed. Bengals are extremely affectionate and personable cats when raised well, just like any breed. If any cat is not well socialized from the beginning they will be feral and wild in nature.

I am an absolute love bug (and a terrific conversationalist), and so was my nephew, Buddy Guy. I thought that episode did a lot to harm the reputation of the breed and the responsible breeders. My breeder is a wonderful woman. She has a degree in Animal Genetics, and she socializes all of her cats really well -- both with people and other animals. All of her kitties are extremely easy to get along with and a joy to be around.

I'll try to do a little digging and see if I can find out the name of the breeder.

Angel Maxie

Bring Bling &- Laughter to the- Angels
Purred: Sat Mar 11, '06 6:15am PST 
There are still Wild Bengel Breeds out there. Those are the dangerous kitties.

In CT, Bengel's are illegal unless they are 5th generation domestic. Sorry you got mad about the story.


Gavyn the- Destroyer
Purred: Tue Jan 15, '13 9:37pm PST 
The only Bengals that are "wild" are those that are improperly socialized and poorly cared for like the ones in this episode. I just got word of the episode today and I am LIVID. Horrid misinformation in this and I am PISSED with Animal Planet.

â™”Jeepurrs- Creepurrsâ™”

Her Royal- Majesty - off with his- head!!!
Purred: Sun Jan 20, '13 12:16pm PST 
I have been a Bengal owner for 15 years. It is true that the breed is a bit "over the top". They are active cats and need to be stimulated and handled constantly. In my years of owning two Bengals I have had to deal with inappropriate elimination and alpha cat issues. They are not bad or mean cats, just a bit closer to the "wild side". Not a beginner cat at all.

Angel Buddha

Purred: Mon Jan 28, '13 8:08pm PST 
I agree that show overdramatized the situation and misrepresented the Bengal breed. The cats in that episode were in very good condition. It would be better in a situation like this where the animals are in obviously good condition, to assist the owner in cleaning up their cattery instead of just confiscating the animals and most likely putting them down.