Cardboard furniture

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I've Got a- Doodle in My- Noodle
Purred: Fri Jan 6, '06 5:19am PST 
Has anyone tried these corrugated cardboard furniture/scratching posts? They sure are pretty. Sure, they're expensive, but I wonder how long they last being cardboard?


Pea- (2003-2007)

Life's short.
Purred: Fri Jan 6, '06 5:38am PST 
hey minky!
i love that site, and even got the rainbow chaser for x-mas. gonna have my human put it up this weekend, can't wait!
i. myself, scratch a tightly woven carpet. my human has 2 of those circle scratching disc's on the floor, and the only thing i use them for is naps.
maybe you ought to try those first? much cheaper option...


Sir Dub-dubbs- the Magnificent
Purred: Sun Jan 8, '06 6:26am PST 
Mom bought a cheap ($35) kitty tree from walmart and it reaches the ceiling. It has lasted us over a year, and we use it all the time to scratch on! smile


One lucky- cat/Best cat in- the world
Purred: Mon Jan 9, '06 5:21pm PST 
Not sure about the furniture, but I love the cardboard scratching box my Mom got for me-and I am not declawed. Only problem we have now is, Dakota, my 8 month old brother-he is chewing it all the time. Seems he likes the paper. Anyone know if kittens go through "teething" like babies do?
The scratch pad , made of cardboard has been heaven for me.

R.I.P~- Snickers!~&h- earts;

~♥Gone But- Still Here In- owr Heart
Purred: Fri Apr 14, '06 12:37pm PST 
Oh yes kittens do thay go throw this wean thar about 7 or 8 mon old!

Sory! I put that in the wrong post silly me!

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"Peanut"- Penelope

Peek-a-boo- Peanut
Purred: Mon Apr 17, '06 12:56pm PST 
Do you mean the wedge cardboard scratchers?
I drooled all over mine and left it soggy! Not much use for it after that!
I like the sissal posts for my nails and stretching!


Goofy is my- middle name
Purred: Thu Apr 20, '06 7:03pm PST 
Mom bought one of those really heavy outdoor welcome mats made out of rattan or something, has plastic on the back, and she brought it in when it started to snow. She used to use it for her boots, but I think it's the best scratching post ever! Cost less than ten dollars and it serves several purposes.


Ray of Light
Purred: Thu Apr 20, '06 7:48pm PST 
Have you ever seen a cardboard scratching post, like Cosmic, after a few weeks?

First it looks gross, then it disintegrates.
Triple-ply cardboard may be structurally sound, but soon it will look horrendous.

Here's an idea: Make a plywood box. Cut holes. Cover in fabric. (Match your decor!). Make a smaller one. Ditto. Make a smaller one. Ditto.