What's your favorite cat story?

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Born to Run &- Born to Moo Boo

Purred: Fri Apr 7, '06 7:52am PST 
Aaawww Jacques, that is such a cute story.


... Moo?
Purred: Fri Apr 7, '06 7:14pm PST 
I love the series The Warriors, It is just intresting how they made it so humans can see what the cats are saying in the book, like how one of the cats yelled "No trespassing on the thunderclan's grounds" to another cat! my fave. chapter book, but I also like Comets Nine Lives, such a cute book

Annabelle - 829;

My heart belongs- to N'bikay
Purred: Sun Apr 9, '06 12:03am PST 
My mommies sister just sent her "The Wild Road". It is sort of a Watership Down, but about cats. She hasn't gotten very far, but the characters are unforgetable! It has a sequel called "The Golden Cat". Also, for those still looking for Astrology for Cats, you can get it on eBay as of 4-9-06, they have 2 copies!


king of the- House!
Purred: Tue Apr 11, '06 9:44am PST 
Mommy like the "warriors" sieries!!

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