Signature scents?

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Miss Penelope Muddbottom

Sent by an angel
Purred: Sun Nov 13, '05 11:12am PST 
Some cats smell like cat food.. Some cats smell like the outdoors.. Some cats smell like, well, cat.

Mom says that I smell spicy and sweet. She says her last cat smelled sweet and milky. The cat where she works just smells like cat!

Does anyone else have a signature scent?


Make way for- me!
Purred: Sun Nov 13, '05 2:42pm PST 
Well, of course to us fe-lions, we do have our own scent here at home. Mom can't tell, though, because her allergies don't allow her to smell a lot of things!
Interesting question, I can't wait to read what everycat else says!

Velvet- 1992-2008

Grimalkin Power
Purred: Sun Nov 13, '05 8:57pm PST 
Mommy always says I smell sweet and fluffy (what does that mean?) but she can't put a name to it. But she said I smell really good.

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Purred: Mon Nov 14, '05 4:02pm PST 
My mommy says I smell like air. I guess that's okay.....


Lieutenant- General of the- Smushy Faces
Purred: Mon Nov 14, '05 5:03pm PST 
I smell like clam chowder... Fuzzy cats shouldn't fall face first into a bowl of it because the smell will come back to haunt you.


Little Pink- Nosies Rule!
Purred: Mon Nov 14, '05 5:59pm PST 
Mirabelle, that's so funny!
Did you enjoy it, at least?


Fiend #1.
Purred: Tue Nov 15, '05 1:02am PST 
Mirabelle -- that is too much! We'll all know when you are coming.

I haven't heard anyone say how I smell, but this thread had me interested. It is a very big thing now for movie stars and rock divas and every human ever known to create a "signature scent," and I was worried somecat was going to start mixing flowers and fish and market it!!

Oh my. Maybe we should.


Lieutenant- General of the- Smushy Faces
Purred: Tue Nov 15, '05 3:53am PST 
Sophie- Yes I did enjoy it! That clam chowder if yummy stuff!

Pepper Fudge

fraidy cat
Purred: Tue Nov 15, '05 11:02am PST 
I've been told that I smell like wet dog. What an insult right? I really don't like to clean myself that much. Salem gets so fet up with me that he ends up cleaning me himself. Mom says that Salem smells like fresh air, unlike me.


Spoiled Beyond- Redemption
Purred: Thu Nov 17, '05 6:52pm PST 
My mum says I smell sweet and airy, like sugar.

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