Pilling a stubbron cat!

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Purred: Mon Aug 18, '14 11:30pm PST 
Katie takes 5mg of Prozac daily for anxiety. It has been an absolute godsend in keeping her from pacing and meowing incessantly and letting her relax. She is actually pretty cooperative for the pilling process....I catch her, put her between my knees, and use my finger to pill her. She doesn't LIKE it, obviously, but there is no big drama.

The downside is that I feel like it's creating a strain on our relationship. I've made the upstairs a 'safe space', where I won't catch her unless it's absolutely urgent...and now she is very affectionate upstairs but won't come down for most of the day.

I would LOVE to find a way to get her to accept the pill in food. We are stuck free-feeding because Kyubey loses weight quickly if his food is restricted, so Katie is never *really* hungry.

She won't take pill pockets, and I've never found a commercial cat treat that she likes...we've tried crunchy treats like Greenies, soft treats, freeze-dried meats, and flaked bonito fish. She eats the occasional bite of tuna, won't touch fresh poultry or fish, and yesterday did oblige me by eating a bit of sliced ham.

What else could I try coaxing her with? I want a closer bond with Katie, and we are bonding in the evenings when I go upstairs, but I want her to be comfortable in the entire house and not afraid of me.