Older kitty with dislocated shoulder

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Happy Sunday all....and not the kind of morning I'd like to begin the day with. My 17 year old kitty, Lucy, dislocated her shoulder while I was fixing their breakfast (I have 3) I have never had a pet with this trauma and I can only tell you that it was HORRIBLE looking. Somehow though, I knew right away it was a dislocation. She didn't act like she was in pain, but she was cranky. However, she still managed to jump on the table before I could grab her, she ate her breakfast as I frantically tried to call an emergency pet clinic...and she was just generally acting "normal"! So...I scooped her up and placed her in the cardboard carrier I keep for emergencies, and she went to town on it trying to get out. After about 20 minutes, I came out of my bedroom as I was racing to throw myself together for the vet trip, and here she was with her head poked thru the air hole she enlarged looking up at me and asking..."merowww?" I just love that little witch lol So...I grabbed the larger, solid carrier (I didn't want her to have too much room because of her shoulder)...and as I picked her up to make the exchange....her shoulder was all popped back in, right as rain!! She walks with only a slight, barely can see limp, she's grooming...did her litter box routine complete with lots of burying....and I'm mystified. Is there anything I should be doing for the next few days??? Has anyone else had a cat this brillliant who could fix themselves? She has never had a vet visit except for shots...never ill...always indoors...and I know time is relatively short now, but I just love her attitude. Any ideas on what else I can do would be so greatly appreciated. I'm so glad I found this forum smile


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All we can say is just keep an eye on her overnight and call your vet in the morning and asked them if you need to bring her in or not. If she seems to be back to normal in the morning they just might say keep an eye on her and if she gets worse bring her in. hope she feels and gets better really soon.


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I'd still take the cat to the vet ER. A discloated shoulder is pretty painful even if the cat seems fine. Make sure x rays are done.

FYI, the after hours voicemail message for your regular vet will have info on who to call and where to go for emergencies. You can also call during regular hours and ask. This will save time during a serious emergency and you don't have the time to call around to find a place.