Domestic cat outside with kittens

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There is a mom cat outside, she has two little kittens (maybe 4-5 weeks old). The mom cat used to belong to our neighbor who was evicted, she just left the cat outside and the cat got pregnant- resulting in these two kittens. I've been watching this mom cat take care of her kittens for the past few weeks, and she's great!- she fiercely protects them and I can tell that she loves being a cat mom.

Here is the problem- last night my crazy neighbor trapped the two kittens and took them away, leaving the poor mom cat desperately mowing for her two babies all night and day. I feel so bad for this mom cat, you can tell she is desperately looking for them, she keeps running around and mowing for them non stop.

What can I do? I want to help her but I don't want to seem like that crazy cat lady of the neighborhood, so whatever I do has to be on the low down. This mom cat is scared of strangers, but I can tell she will warm up to whoever takes her, she used to have a home after all.

Neighbor said he took the kittens to the local vet because he "knows the vets who will take care and find them a home'. Yah that's fine and good, but I just feel extremely bad for this mom cat. I don't know what to do???? I can't keep her (although i would love to) because we live in an apt, we already have two pets and cannot have anymore. And I don't know anyone that would want a cat. Not to mention, those kittens were way too young to be taken away from their mom.

Would you do anything? am I being a crazy cat lady worrying about a cat outside? My heart is seriously breaking for this mom cat, you can tell she's stressing not knowing where her babies are. cry
Even the crazy neighbor, made a comment saying he's never seen a mom cat be so protective.


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If the babies truly were too young to be taken away, can you find out where they were taken and bring the mom to the same vet? They might be happy to get her so the babies don't have to be bottle fed. I would call around and find out if any vet took in two kittens. In any event the mom can *must* get spayed so this doesn't keep happening. Odds are your local rescues are full, but maybe if you offer to help catch and vet the mom one of them will take her.

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Those kittens were about 4-5 weeks old, I noticed they just started eating cat food. Is that too young?
I know the kittens will find a good home, it's the mom I'm mostly worried about- her desperate attempts at finding her babies breaks my heart.

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BK, is right, trying to get mom back with her kittens is what needs to be done. Try to ask the idiot who trapped the kittens which vet he took them too, or call around to the vets, then see if you can catch the mom cat and get her there. if you need help catching her the vet might be able to help, or call a rescue group, they should be able to help you get her. keep us updated.