Flakes from cat?

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Silly little- Kitty
Purred: Thu Jan 30, '14 9:39am PST 
A couple of nights ago I opened my covers to see my sheet littered with a bunch of yellowish-tanish flakes... they're not really flaky, like skin that's peeled, but like small little ovalish shaped things, smaller than a grain of rice, like maybe half the size.
There were tons of them. I wasn't sure what they were, I have really dry skin in the winter so I thought it was just dried skin flakes, my skin tends to get itchy in the night. they are around the color of my skin but maybe a bit darker. It was on most of the bed sheet. I washed the sheets and mattress pad last night and went to bed. This morning when I woke up, there were more of them again, all on my side of the bed where I sleep, seems to mostly around my torso and hip area.

My 4 month old kitten sleeps with me, usually curled up leaning somewhere against my torso.. and I thought maybe it could possibly be him shedding the flakes... but he sleeps curled up on me on top of the covers, when the flakes are under the sheets, I don't see how they would get there through a down comforter and a sheet. I freaked out and thought they were bugs at first, but looking at them closely they don't seem to resemble bugs at all, just like tiny pellets of rice, and if they are then they are all dead by morning...and I have never have any bites or anything on me.

Ludo doesn't seem to scratch at himself very often, maybe his ear once or twice a day, and I haven't seen any fleas on him. Does anyone know if these flakes could indeed be from my kitty?

I tried researching and saw some posts about tapeworm, but the little pellets or flakes or whatever they are are pretty small, and there are tons of them. I will check the top of his tree (one of his favorite places to sleep) when I get home to see if he shed any there, or if maybe it is from me, it could very well be, but I thought I'd ask just in case my kitty might need some extra skin care.

Thanks for any insights!


Silly little- Kitty
Purred: Fri Jan 31, '14 1:26pm PST 
Update: I didn't see any on his tree where he sleeps a lot. This morning there were more, around the opposite pillow. Here are photos I tried to take (sorry, they are small and my camera is not the best). They almost look like little seeds, they are around the size of chia seeds, a little bigger. The closest I've seen was maybe tapeworm segments, but they are always in the bed and there are tons of them. Could they be flea eggs?

http:// imgur.com/IyyTa6w


mon petit chat- noir
Purred: Fri Jan 31, '14 1:53pm PST 
I don't think flea eggs are that big - personally I am leaning towards tapeworm. Has Ludo been to the vet for flea meds or de worming? Also, you can look at him, especially around the belly & by the privates. Flea dirt looks like teensy flecks of pepper. Tapeworm is from fleas. I would say to take Ludo in, and have him checked. You will have to rewash everything in hot water & maybe add tea tree oil, which helps to kill anything, and vacuum the heck out of your mattress in case any hidey critters are there. The only other thoughts would be nail sheaths if he is chewing on his toes, the outer layer of nail sheds off, or if he is teething & losing his baby teeth, but they usually just swallow them.


Silly little- Kitty
Purred: Fri Jan 31, '14 2:13pm PST 
He is teething, and I've found a couple of his baby teeth. He was de-wormed when I adopted him, and they did a fecal sample test when I brought him into the vet in December that came back fine. And he just got his monthly flea/heartworm treatment on the 7th (Paradyne). If it's tapeworm, would there be that many segments every night? Aside from last night, the other past two nights when I noticed them there were tons all over.

Merlin - An Angel- Forever

Purred: Fri Jan 31, '14 4:48pm PST 
Possibly tapeworms. Tapeworm segments look like little grains of rice. Sometimes you'll find them hanging on the fur around the butt and sometimes on poop. Tapeworms can gorw pretty fast.

Take a few of the flake thingies to the vet with you. The vet can examine the flake things and the cat. If it is tapeworms, the vet will prescribe a tapeworm treatment.