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I hope this is the right place to post my question, when we adopted Orion his previous owners never neuteried him and although he never leaves our apartment i know he have to get neutered, Orion was 7 months when we adopted him, he is now 9 and i haven't been able to get him neutered mainly because of money issues, my question is how safe is this practice? will my cat feel a lot of pain? im worried he may get aggressive during his recovering time as i tend to pet him a lot and i also carry him on my arms whenever i get home. I would hate to have to ignore him during his recovery time.

any advice is appreciated.



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It's much easier for males than females so his recovery time and pain should be minimal. Good for you for being a responsible parent and taking care of this!

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This is Delyte. It's relatively easy, but a vet can go too fast and cause problems. In the bad old days, they did not think that cats felt pain and they did it real quick with no anesthetic. My person's cat who had this done in 1970 was never the same after. Ask what kind of pain reliever they are going to use. It doesn't take long to do and they usually let you take the kitty home in a couple of hours. Although there is not much of an incision, you have to make sure the cat isn't chewing at it, or he will have to wear the big collar for a few days. For some reason, mine wasn't done right and the incision opened and I had to be rushed back to the vet. That was a long time ago.

The only complication can be if that cat has one or more undescended testicles, which means there is nothing or only one in the external sack. This a somewhat rare condition, but it means they will have to give general sedation and open the cat's abdomen to find the testicle, like removing the parts of a lady cat, and everything takes longer and heals slower. IF they don't get both of those testicles out, then the cat will continue to be a tomcat with all of the bad habits of one.

It's probably a lot easier for the vet to do an almost grown cat than a tiny kitten. We know they do both spaying and neutering on kittens when they are only a few weeks old now, rather than waiting until they are 6 mos old. Can't imagine how tiny the bits are!

Purrs to you that it will go well! cat on moon


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All the kitties in our family, male and female, bounced back immediately from being neutered/spayed. By the time the anesthetic wore off, they were back to their normal behavior--which can be kind of frustrating with young kitties when you're trying to get them to take it easy and they insist on running, jumping, climbing and playing like always. laugh out loud

Ben had a testicle which hadn't descended. When he was neutered, he had to have one incision in his scrotum and another in his belly. Within a day, though, he was back to his usual crazy self like nothing had happened.

I guess our family's been lucky, but none of our cats had complications or had to wear an e-collar. Of course there's always a chance that things won't go perfectly, but I think the chance is extremely small.

I'm glad you're looking into getting him neutered now--it's better to get it taken care of before he develops hormone-driven behaviors. If you're worried about cost, check into low cost clinics in your area. Some humane societies, shelters and rescues offer low cost services or can refer you to vets who do.

Good luck! hug


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Exactly - please try to get this done as soon as possible, before the spraying starts, or he wants to escape & find a girlfriend. The vet will keep them overnight, and with mine, they were bouncing around the next day. There is a low cost neuter place by us, run by the shelter, and it is $45 for a male. Not too bad. I had 2 of my boys done there. I had Felix done at the vet office, which was more expensive, but his insurance covered most of it, and with him just getting over pneumonia I wanted his regular vet to do it. Look at it as a gift you are giving your boy. Plus it takes any aggression away actually from a male. Good luck! cheer


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thanks guys, i did some research and there is an animal society here in NJ which can help us with low cost neutering, we are planning for next month as im on a trip this week and i won't be coming back until november 4, im positive nothing bad is going to happen and Orion will be the same after a couple of days, by the way how long it takes for them to fully heal?


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Usually a couple days. They either use dissolving stitches. or the "glue". I just took 2 of my ferals in last THursday, and I picked them up Friday, and by Friday night they were waiting for dinner. You just keep an eye out for any swelling or redness, but it should be fine in a very short time.