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The past year I have moved into the city and I've realized that my previous vet's office has been sending me email notifications that Hugo is overdue for his FELOCELL-3 booster. I am wondering which/how often these shots are needed because he was given one on 2/25/11 (by the shelter before I adopted him), on 11/14/11 (with his initial health check after I adopted him), and again on 6/11/2012. I believe with previous cats that this was a 3yr vaccine after all the initial kitten shots. Hugo is 3 years old now and I was wondering how others are vaccinating their indoor adult cats/if you feel all the kitten shots are needed for an older cat.

He also has some asthma issues which were present when I adopted him, but he has been doing /very/ well in the new apartment and hasn't had an attack for a little over 8 months. I'd like to at least wait until his health check and rabies needs renewed because I don't like to expose him unnecessarily to new environments because his allergies tend to flare up then. I also still need to find a good vet in this area which can be a process for me.

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After the initial series of kitten vaccinations, the recommended time between booster shots is 3 years.

There may be studies indicating that immunity lasts longer than 3 years and that boosters may be needed even less often than 3 years, but I'm not positive about it. I do know there's been a recent change in recommended vaccination protocols, but I don't know what they are. If anyone does know, please let us know! smile

As for the rabies vaccination, that depends on where you live. In my area, my vet gives the rabies vaccination every 3 years.