Bruising in cats

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Purred: Mon Oct 14, '13 11:45pm PST 
My cat has been in a few bad cat fights recently, one resulted in surgery, his wound is healing however the part that has already grown skin on-top is yellowish, it looks a bit like a bruise, is this normal?
I am worried as it causes him pain if touched, as he has an Elizabethan collar on he cannot reach his wound with his mouth but has managed to reach it every once in a while with his back leg.
Oscar has also managed to break the cat flap enough so that he can get out of the house but only sometimes get back into the house. What should I do?
He has been inside for 2 weeks now and it is obvious he misses being outside, the wound he has also pulls in the skin like a scar around where the bruising is but does not surround the entire bruising.
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Purred: Tue Oct 15, '13 6:27am PST 
I would think that if a cat got into a bad enough fight that required surgery, the cat should be kept indoors at all times. Why would you want to put him in danger? With regard to bruising, I noticed that when my white and calico cat went in for a dental, her front leg was bruised where they put a line in. I wouldn't have noticed it if she wasn't white. It looked more black and blue than yellow, but maybe Oscar's bruise faded?