Help!! Kitty seems to be having a bathroom problem.

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Purred: Mon Sep 9, '13 8:22am PST 
Since about 2 weeks after we got Tink the kitten Toast appears to be pooping excessively, wet unformed stools sometimes with a tiny bit of blood. He is 2 years old and seems happy with the new addition - they never fight and play a lot. I'm having to clean the litter box like crazy... I was away for 2 days and Toast pooped all over the floor because the box filled up so fast and while I dumped it he went AGAIN when there was already a few fresh piles. He doesnt seem to be losing weight and I am tight on money as Tink is getting her shots on Friday but I think I might need to bring him in. I'm buying more litter boxes tonight to see if that is the problem. Any idea as to if this is normal or stress???


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Purred: Mon Sep 9, '13 12:51pm PST 
It's Stella. It's never normal if there is blood. Going a lot and in a different way is not normal. You need to get to the vet ASAP and take a sample of the droppings with you. This sounds serious! We're purring for you! hug


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Purred: Mon Sep 9, '13 2:17pm PST 
Was Tink tested for parasites? Toast could have gotten something from his new sib. If you can get Toast in too that would be ideal, but at the least, take a stool sample in for them to test. Have you changed his food? Personally I do not think a full litter box would cause this, it sound like something intestinal. Especially with it being bloody. Speak with your vet, and have them test some poops. Mine did that for me, so it was cheaper than having to bring Smitty in.