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I have a question for the group. My neighbor upstairs brought home a new kitten and was infested with flea's. Now all of a sudden my cat has flea's - he is an indoor cat and I was wondering could the flea's from the neighbor above travel to my apt - like the hallway jumped on me and I brought it home?

I feel bad for my little man frown I went out and got him started on Advantage II - bagged up all my clothes and my bedding along with his - I plan on vacuuming as much as possible

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ugh i feel you. its possible that they jumped on you, the rug, came in from outside, ect.

it happens to the best of us. try not to feel bad and good luck getting rid of them. I had a roomate bring fleas in with his stuff and i was overrun with them forever. i felt so bad for my cats. wash bedding, cloths with hotwater like you planned and you allready got meds for kitty so your doing allright. you can also hand comb the little buggers out with a flea comb and drown them in a bowl of hot water. goodluck

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Flea traps also work pretty well. You can make your own pretty easy, lots of instructions online. Most of them are non-toxic. We used the Raid flea traps years ago and were very surprised at how many it trapped.


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I vacuumed my entire apt thoroughly (corner to corner) thankfully i have a tiny apt!!!

Rey seems to be doing better today not itching as much. Poor baby could not settle in last night from all the itching frown

My other concern is I called the apt manager yesterday and explained my indoor cay has fleas. I told her the other tenant had fleas really bad and she said there is no way from fleas to go from one apt to another. I tried saying they could have jumped on me in the common hallway and she wasn't hearing that - she said she would alert the pest control people - I am afraid I will get stuck paying for the extermination - my one friend who lives here got bed bugs from a tenant who moved out - my friend had to pay $500 for the extermination frown


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My indoor cat got fleas last year. We were living in Georgia where there is no flea season! I used Revolution on him (and even bought some for my roommate's cat), I bombed, vacuumed, bathed, and combed, but it wasn't until I tried Comfortis (in November after a desperate plea to the vet for something else) that I finally got rid of the fleas... It was terrible!


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What really works in treating the environment (furniture, floors, etc) is a flea spray with a growth-hormone regulator in it. Adams, Zodiac, etc. These sprays kill adult fleas, but also contain a chemical that inhibits growth and maturation in the larvae. Eggs will hatch (nothing kills eggs), but the larvae will not develop and will die. The sprays will usually says R-90 or something, meaning it lasts for 90 days. It usually only take 2 applications, along with regular vacuuming, to get rid of the fleas. It is not a bomb, where you have to leave the house for hours. You put your cats in another room, let the spray dry, let the cat out, then spray the room the cat was in.

I had a flea infestation years ago due to a foster kitten, and the spray was the only thing that worked on the house.