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Purred: Fri Sep 6, '13 10:43am PST 
i got this new med at the vet ive never heard of called Onsior for Tinys pain. its a new pain pill for cats. i cant find any info on it other than there website and of course its nothing really useful,just dumbed down info. anyone have experience with this? im not crazy about giving new meds.

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We have never heard of it either, there is some user info on 1-800-PetMeds but it is probably the same info you found. Seems to be reasonably priced there too.Let us know how it works. Sending lots of purrs. hug

Miss Tiny- Burr Burr

Love and adore.
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i chose not to give it. i could only find one study they did testing 8 cats to see how much they could give untill it caused overdose. it made me sick. i dont trust a med with that little information, esp. not a new NSAID. Cats dont generally do well on those and i cant find any solid facts to prove that this one is okay. Im worried it will be proven to cause liver failure like metacam. Tiny dosn't seem to be in pain and her wound is healing up nicely. i think ill skip this med and not make my cat a test subject.


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Hi Tiny's mom. Onsior is kind of like an anti-inflammatory such as ibuprofen. Smitty had it after his tooth removal & Felix had it when he had his surgery. They both had the little packet with 3 doses. I probably would not give it long term every dail, but for a boost of a few days, it does help to reduce inflammation/swelling. I spoke with my vet about it, and I talked extensively with Felix's surgeon, who is part of The University of Chicago vet schools, and this is what she told me - I have much confidence in her. Hope it helps a bit to clarify! cat on moon


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Hi there! I just wanted to add that I too just got done giving Onsior to Pickles for the teeth extractions, and the nose biopsy. I am like you, and not keen on meds, but I always think of the lesser of two evils.....While the pharmacy is making money off of kitty's problems, I feel like pain management is so important in cats. If they are in pain, so many other things can happen, like not eating, which can lead to Hepatic Lepidosis (fatty liver disease), litter box issues, and even urinary flare-ups. Pickles will get Intersticial Cystitis when stressed shock . So anyways, there's my two cents. Take care!


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There was an article in the September issue of CatFancy magazine listing pain management options for feline Osteoarthritis. Onsior was one of five meds.

I tried posting the list here but Catster won't accept it. (Must be all those Latin words). laugh out loud

Mind you, this is for long-term use: Onsior is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug that can cause acute kidney disease in cases of chronic renal disease and its use remains controversial. But the chart also noted it is a newer drug with a promising safety profile.

Miss Tiny Burr Burr, I pmailed you the complete chart.