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The past few days I've noticed Charlie and Rory both haven't been eating very much. Rory has been eating more than Charlie, and Charlie has been eating very, very little. I've tried giving him his favourites (soft food and treats) but he won't eat that either.

I got him to eat a little bit of soft food last night, and today a few treats but thats it. He just turns up his nose to anything I offer him. Rory isn't eating much either. Usually she comes running when she hears her food, but she hasn't been. I don't know whats going on with them, but I'm incredibly worried.

Some more info; One of them threw up whatever they ate last night. I think it was Rory, but it was at 3am so its hard to be sure. One of them has been peeing in the bathtub and a few other places lately, I think its Charlie. That was the original reason for his soon to be vet appointment. We had family visit last weekend, and they brought their grandkids and dog. But both cats are used to kids and the dog has been here many times before, plus the dog was outside 95% of the time.

Has anyone gone through this with their cat before? Obviously I'm going to take them to the vet but can't get in for a few more days. Just incredibly worried....


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I'd say that whichever kitty is peeing in the bathtub probably has a UTI and doesn't feel much like eating because of that...but that doesn't explain why the other wouldn't want to eat. thinking

I wish I had a good answer. I'm definitely glad that you're taking them to the vet.

Sending healing and comforting purrs. Please keep us posted! hug


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I don't know if you've gotten your babies to the vet yet, but my go-to for cats that won't eat is always baby food. Both Beech Nut and Gerber have meat flavored baby foods that are only meat and water (the others have onion, garlic, etc. that are bad for cats). Try some baby food by itself. If they eat that, then try to add some to their food. Baby food has a stronger odor than cat food and is pretty good at stimulating a cat's appetite.


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has it been hot where you are? sometimes heat does that. Even though the pup has been there & kids, perhaps all of it together was a bit much for them & made them feel out of sorts. Going in the tub can indeed be a urinary issue. or a sign of stress reaction to the visit. Def get them in as soon as you can just to be sure. In the meantime, the baby food works great - I add a bit of water to make sure they are getting fluids. Please let us know how the babies are doing.


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Charlie was taken to the vet and had his urine tested. The doctor didn't say that much was wrong with him, but game him a shot for pain and gives me meds to give him every 24 hours for three days. So the next day my mom is laying in bed and he pee's all over her bed. And was acting funny, he wouldn't go near anyone and was acting sick. I was at work so my mom called the vet, and she told my mom that Charlie had lots of blood in his urine, and that the shot they gave him for the pain made him high as a kite. They never freaking told me that when I was IN the office. They just said that he had some pain. So then after all this I decided to look up the medication they put him on, and it was metacam. After doing some research, to my utter horror that medication is bad for cats. I refused to give him his last dose of it.

Since the vet visit I've been giving Charlie primarily soft food and he seems to be doing better.