Getting skinny?

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Hey guys my Tigger is free fed he eats what he wants when he wants and has done great like that for 4 years. Now he suddenly started getting skinny about 4 months ago. He was a little overweight before but the last few months hes getting VERY skinny. I see him eat every day so I know he's not NOT eating. He is FIV positive and has heart disease (he found us) and Im afraid one of those is catching up to him? We're considering switching them to raw. Would that be a good idea? Could he have worms? otherwise he seems absolutely fine. We took him to the vet when it started like 4 months ago they ran blood work did an ultra sound to check his heart and did an xray and they didnt find anything wrong. They suggested I feed him canned or a kitten food. He wants NOTHING to do with canned or tuna and went on a hunger strike for over a week when I tried to switch him to kitten. He's very picky about his food. He is currently eating TOTW. Im worried about my boy. Any helpful advice? shrug

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Since it has been 4 months I personally would bring him back to the vet. Did you say in another post that he catches and eats prey when he is outside? He could very possibley have worms if that is the case. He could also have a variety of other ailments that weren't detectible 4 months ago but may now be more obvious since his body will have been dealing with it/them for weeks now.

Good luck! Oh, and maybe I would hold off on the raw until you have him checked again. I feed raw, and it's great, but if he is ill and a picky eater, you don't want to stress him out until you know what is wrong.