Cat flea treatment question

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I am a dog owner and will be taking care of a cat for a month. I recall reading a long time ago that some of the dog flea treatments are dangerous around cats. Unfortunately, I do not remember the brand? Can someone please help me by telling me what to avoid? My dogs are currently on Advantage II. I realize that flea treatments are probably over posted, but the search results are just a lot!


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The flea treatments for dogs are dangerous only if you apply them directly to cats.


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I think I can recall reading that flea treatments for dogs can be harmful to kitties if the kitties lick them off the dogs just after they have been applied.
I can't say for certain though as I do not own a dog but thought I should mention it anyways.

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Dog flea products unsafe for cats

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Thank you for your responses!!! avoid permethrin got it smile


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As long as you don’t apply dog flea treatments directly to cats, they are not dangerous. But, that’s only because cats can lick them off and most dogs just don’t bend that way. I would never recommend using dog flea treatments on cats. I hope I helped.

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Dog products like Advantage II are safe, but you can't just 'put a drop on". You DO have to put the correct amount...meaning get a 1 ml syringe and put .4 ml on an under 9 pound cat or .8 on an over 9 pounder. The product is the same just the amount in the tube is different. If you go this route it is a MUST that you read the label where it has 'active ingredients" and make sure the dog and cat products are EXACTLY the same percentage of ALL active ingredients. Here, we have 12 cats and we can all be dosed from one dose of the biggest dog size Advantage II (at the cost of 1 1/2 catsized doses, all 12 of us get done, BIG savings!).Lots of shelters and rescues do this also, they have better uses for $10 per cat or more monthly when there are large numbers of kitties. Advantage does have one "plus" version or the like that is NOT cat safe. If you don't want to read the label and do the measuring correctly, or cannot interpret the label information correctly, DONT DO THIS!!! Also some products don't have permethrin but DO have other ingredients that aren't safe. Again, if there is ANYTHING in the dog version but not the cat labeled of a brand name, or percentages are different, do not use.
You will notice also, if you compare, products like Advantage II for dogs do say "do not use on cats". When in the store compare the label on one that you know is unsafe for kitties, and you will see that the label has a MUCH stronger warning; this is the one you watch out for.