Hair loss, lesions, and itchy on Alethea

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Hey everyone. 3 weeks ago, I took Alethea to see the vet because there was hair loss and a tiny bit of scabbing on the side of her face. The vet gave me a small tube of medication (Seborrhea Spot-on) to apply each day, and said come back if there's no improvement.

A week later, the bald spot had doubled in size, so back to the clinic we went. The vet sent away samples for a fungal culture and skin scraping test.

The results just came in, and they're both negative. So the cause is definitely not ring worm, mites, etc.

At this point, the vet really isn't sure what's wrong, so I'm wondering if any of you have seen something like what's in this photo:

We're all ears! Thanks,

Nick & Alethea


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This sounds like what BK had when he got here. He was so itchy that he had scratched wounds on his head and had licked all the fur off his belly and legs. In his case we found a dermatologist and after eliminating all other possible causes he was diagnosed with allergies. He takes medication and eats a raw diet to keep his symptoms minimal and now he's the most gorgeous kitty.

If your regular vet isn't sure what this is, try to find a dermatologist in your area. And please feel free to paw mail me if you have any questions or need any help.


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Sounds like it could definitely be allergies. Talk to your vet about courses of treatment. This can include Benadryl (in ridiculously small doses), diet changes, and topical treatment.

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My friend's cat had a mystery lesion that wouldn't heal on her face and it was coming from an infected tooth root - so it was working it's way outwards if you know what I mean. Just another option you could check out, although it's probably unlikely.
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This sounds exactly like Naya when I first found her. It turned out to be allergies from living under a dirty, dusty abandoned house. But, she also had a very infected baby canine tooth that needed to be pulled.