4 month old kitten poisoned

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My little kitty Paddy (born on St. Patrick's Day) has been poisoned......first of all we thought it was from stargazer lillies, but with his symptoms now the vet thinks that it was more like rat poison or the like. No idea how he could have gotten in contact with it, as we only have a small yard and for the most part he is an indoor cat.
He was bleeding from the nose and drooling and all his body is covered in bruises. He was very weak lastnight and the vet now thinks that the poison might be in his brain as his eyes look weird. Anyway, he is being kept in at the vets on IV, he spent lastnight there and will be there again tonight. My husband and I are both devastated, does anyone think that he will make a recovery, or what are the chances of him being severely brain damaged?


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oh, i am so sorry. i just had a run-in with lilies myself, so i understand how helpless you must feel. i really have no experience with poisonings outside of lilies, and the trauma there is usually renal. other than the eyes, what makes your doctor suspect the brain is affected by the poison? how is the cat acting otherwise? how soon did you take paddy in once you noticed symptoms?

i know it's hard to find comfort, but just know that your cat is in the best place possible, receiving the best care, around the clock. you did the right thing! please keep up updated. hug