Is it too late for my cat?!

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My boyfriend and I have a three year old flame point Siamese named Oliver. Recently, as we moved in the past month, our little guy has been acting up. We've been finding puddles of pee all over, and he has slowly become more and more lethargic. He was still eating and drinking, so we took it as a sign of protest. Recently we went on a week vacation, only to find our pet sitter forgot to mention Oliver hadn't eaten since the first day we left! He has apparently been puking, leaking urine constantly and is so skinny you can see his spine. I would rush him to the vet, but everywhere is closed for the Fourth of July. Will my cat make it that long?!?

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No, yor cat will not be ok shock Your cat needs to see a vet ASAP. Call the vet office anyways. The after hours voicemail message will tell you what to do for emergencies. There's likely a 24 hour vet ER in your area. You can use this online search: http://www.veccs.org/index.php?option=com_hospitals&nationid=1&Itemid=193 When you do reach the regular vet later, ask how after hours emergencies are handled.

IMO, it was negligent for the pet sitter to not have noticed the lack of eating and the inappropriate peeing. Any good pet sitter would notice something like that right away and immediately call you. I wouild not use this pet sitter again.

Any time you see unsual behavior or symptoms, at least call the vet for advice. The vet may tell you to just monitor at home or bring the cat in for a check up. Personally, I would just bring the cat in becuse cats are very good at hiding how sick they are. By the time visible symptoms show up, the health issue may be pretty serious and harder to treat. I'd rather spend money on a vet visit that shows there's nothing wrong with the cat than to wait and then spend $$$$ to treat something that has become serious.

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Merlin is right, your kitty needs to see the vet immediately.

Urinating outside the litter box is commonly a symptom of an infection or urinary crystals. When the symptoms are ignored, an infection can spread or the crystals may become a blockage.

Don't put this off any longer, it is a life and death emergency!