Sneezing blood!

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This stuff always happens to me on holidays! shrug So we're headed to the ER vet a few towns over, but here's the background:

13 week old kitten has no other symptoms except sneezing for a few days. Was scheduled for last series of kitten shots yesterday and before the vet administered, I told her I was concerned about the sneezing and she listened to his lungs and took temp and was found to be normal (no discharge or any other symptoms), so she gave the last FVCRP and also first Rabies (good for 1 yr, I DID specifically request the PureVax)... I'm quite twisted however because I notice the FVCRP vaccine she admin'd was PINK this time and after looking online I'm pretty sure it contained the FeLV vaccine (NobivacĀ® Feline 1-HCP FeLV) which I did not request.... I specifically did not want ANY killed viruses..... he was tested (and neg) for FeLV/FIV last visit and he's totally indoors not around other cats....

So this morning I come to see my little kitten and he sneezes and I'm horrified to see that he's sneezed blood all over my hand and the floor. Not a lot, but enough for me to notice.

What is going on! Has anyone had this happen?

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Probably the slight blood is a broken capillary in his nose caused by his sneezing so much. Just like when you blow your nose too hard and sometimes a little blood comes out. As for the cause of the sneezing, the vet needs to address that. Hope they can find the cause today.

Toby is awfully cute!

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HE's OK! Just a little burst blood vessel in the nose... something is aggravating him though, he was sneezing a lot but is much better today.


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Glad it is nothing serious, OMG, I would have freaked. I would also have been mad if I thought my cat were given vaccinations I did not want. That has happened to me before. When my doberman went in for her last puppy shots, I specifically said I did NOT want her to have the Leptospirosis shot. Well....they gave it to her. I was LIVID!!!! They said "well, we routinely give it out with all the other puppy shots", I said B.S.!!! I know some people do NOT want that shot, and I did not. I knew people whose dobermans had reacted BADLY to that shot and said I did NOT want it. THey now have a sticker on her file that this dog is NOT to be given that shot in the future. Luckily, she did not have any reactions to it, but it made me mad. I hope that didn't happen to you and that they did give out only the ones you wanted. When I go in now for shots....which I rarely do for my dog, and never for my cats anymore, I figure they have had enough shots in their lifetime they do not need anymore, I question everything before the shots are given.

I hope your poor sneezing kitty is better soon. Poor little baby.


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Dear Toby's Meouwmy.....glad Toby seems to be ok...

Sorry but I'm going to hijack your thread - just for a minute - please forgive me?

Beep...!! Your Meouwmy has dogs? And she didn't want them given the Leptospirosis vaccination? I DO understand about not wanting your furchildren to have vaccinations that are not necessary to their life-style (because the vaccinations can be dangerous in themselves) and ALSO I do NOT want to 'teach my grandmother to suck eggs'.....

BUT....if your doggies have the habit of jumping in creeks, canals, slow moving rivers, lakes, ponds.....you may need for them to have the Leptospirosis vaccination....it is a small risk that they would catch Weil's Disease (Leptospirosis)...but it is a risk...Apparently the Olympic Rower, Andy Holmes, died of Wiel's Disease in 2010.....and dogs can get it, the same as humans...I think the risk is also higher or lower depending what country you live in....Really, all I would say to you is 'look it up'....and do a risk assessment....

But, for a bit of light relief, I'll quickly tell you my story re: Leptospirosis......I live very near a canal and I fell in love with the male swan who lives on 'my' part of the canal(Siddy).....the canal is (reasonably) clean...there are fish living in it, so it can't be that bad....and one day I was feeding Siddy at a different place to usual, and I FELL IN....!!Down I went...Glub...Glub...Glub....up I came....Glub...Glub...Glub...and my husband pulled me out....!!! It was very funny (my husband said that I looked like a frog, gently falling into the water) but for a month (Leptospirosis can take up to a month to present symptoms) I was totally freaked out.....!!

Anyway.....so sorry to Toby's Meouwmy for hijacking your thread and sorry to Beep's Meouwmy for trying to tell you stuff that you know already....




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Glad it is nothing serious too. I am sure it is just a minor issue, that happens every so 'holiday. Have a great weekend!!!! big grin