Julius is sick and vet doesn't know why

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My Name is- Julius
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I've spent over $1,000 on vet bills so far. The vet has no idea what is wrong with him. Julius is very weak. His complete blood count showed anemia, so he was given a blood transfusion. Afterwards he developed a fever of 104 and lost roughly half his body weight. He keeps getting bruises on his inner thighs and stomach and seems to be in constant pain. Tonight he seems very short of breath and his lymph nodes have swelled up. His two back legs have been swollen for the last 4 days and he has tiny red spots all over his skin. The vet doesn't know what to do and has no idea what is wrong with him. I'm thinking of just euthanizing him. Any ideas? I adopted this cat only 4 weeks ago from the animal shelter and ever since he came home he has been sick. He was very healthy when I adopted him! I don't know what to do. Should I just euthanize him?


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I would take him to a different vet for another opinion. Many vets will reach out to other professionals they know to see if they have ever come across a problem like this.

Paws across you find out what is wrong or someone else here has some better advice for you.

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Merlin - An Angel- Forever

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I wonder if there is something in your house that is making the cat sick? thinking If the cat was healthy at the shelter and only got sick after being adopted shrug Or maybe the cat got into something while exploring the new home and got sick from thinkingshrug Household cleaners/chemicals, air fresheners, certain Human foods, household plants and flowers, etc can all make a cat sick.

I also suggest a second vet opinion. Bring all copies of the vet records to the second vet for review. Akso bring copies of the vet records from when the cat was at the shelter.


My Name is- Julius
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I ended up taking Julius to the emergency vet last night. He was so weak and tired he just laid in my lap the entire time I drove. The vet there thought he was anemic. Blood tests showed that he was and he was given another transfusion. He wasn't sure what was causing the problems, either. The e-vet has two vets on call and as soon as he could the other vet examined poor Julius. He thinks it's an autoimmune disease, but didn't know the exact cause either. Poor Julius was running a fever of 105 when he was examined! He is currently at the vet today because he is too sick to come home. Also, he has lost another pound. At least I've got a possible culprit of "autoimmune disease" but that doesn't really pinpoint the problem. I haven't been able to get the poor cat to eat in a few days, but the vets have him on an IV. I'm not sure if that will give him the nutrition he needs or not? But, they know he hasn't eaten, so I'm sure they will do what is needed. Since they think it's an autoimmune disease causing all this they are attempting to treat him with steroids. At this point I'm just letting them do whatever they think is needed. I'm not even worrying about the money anymore.

Oh, and about the houshold cleaners/toxins - I will discuss this with the vet the next time I call. I don't think there is anything he could have gotten into, but I'm not 100% sure. At this point, I'm not sure about anything. I just want to see Julius get better. He is a young cat, only about 4 years old, and I think he deserves a good life. But, sometimes I think euthanasia would just be a kinder option.

Merlin - An Angel- Forever

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If you you feel that Julius has a very low quality of life and may not recover, then yes, euthanasia would be the kindest thing hughug Feel better knowing that at least you adopted Julius from the shelter and gave him a loving home to live in even if it was for a little while hughug

Ask the vet to log onto VIN.com and get opnions from other vets. VIN.com is a vet only web site with a forum and lots of articles and veterinary studies way to go There might be a vet out there who has seen something similar or has experience with auto immunue diseases.

IVs don't provide much nutrient shrug Ask the vet to put in a feeding tube. Here is info about feeding tubes and how one can save a cat's life: http://catinfo.org/?link=feedingtubes There are different methods of putting a tube in. Your vet will determine which is the best method.


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Dear Julius and Julius's Meouwmy.....I can't help with advice....but....I (and the furries) send you both all our good thoughts and wishes and hopes.....keep going with treatment for as long as you and Julius can bear to....keep trying....but if you both reach a point where you can no longer...then that also is as it should be....


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My heart goes out to you. God bless you for putting the time, money, energy, and effort into this new addition to your family. So many people would not have gone to the lengths that you have and it touches my heart to read Julius' story. I hope and pray that he pulls through, but if not, please know that you have done all you could and were an amazing part of his life no matter for how short of a time.



They Little Grey- Ghost
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I would love to hear how Julius is doing. His mommy hasn't been on in a while it looks like. That makes me worry that maybe Julius didn't make it. I know if I lost one of my cats the last thing I would want to do would be on this website. It would remind me too much of the baby I lost! Anyway, my thoughts are with Julius and hoping he has recovered. If not, we know he has eared his wings in kitty heaven! His symptoms sound like leukemia to me. Was he tested for FeLV? That can actually cause different types of leukemia (cancer) in cats and that is almost exactly what it sounds like the case is for Julius. I'm not surprised a vet wouldn't catch that. It's rare, but it does happen. If Julius is still with us, I would test him for FeLV. Then go through the cancer testing and see what has matastisized. wishes


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Any updates on Julius? cry