Post-chemo treatment

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My 11-year old kitty was diagnosed with mammary carcinoma with metastasis to the lymphatic system. The tumor was removed and I opted for a 6 part installment of chemotherapy, which she tolerated very well. The chemo is intended to put the cancer into remission but unfortunately will not fully cure it. The upshot of this is that we're buying her time.
The vet doing the chemo suggested that I might be interested in doing an ultrasound at this point. I said I'd research it. Does anyone out there have any advice for me as to whether this would be a good idea? I want Lucy to have the best care but don't want to put her through any unnecessary treatments. Poor girl, she's been through a lot of stress this year!


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I don't have any advice, but how is Lucy doing?

Sending purrs for her and for you! hug