really bad diarrhea

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Pequena- (Sasha's- sister)

Purred: Thu May 2, '13 5:30pm PST 
I have been having really bad bouts of diarrhea. When my mom got up this morning she found it all over my litter box, outside the box and on the wall. It looked like I already had 2 maybe 3 different bouts of it. She cleaned it up then 10 minutes later I had it again. She gave me a probiotic and went to work. She had my mom-mom come over and check on me midday. I was fine, no more spells. She got home from work at 7 and was happy to find no more spells. Then just a few minutes ago, I had it again.

She has not changed my food at all and has not fed me any milk. She doesn't know of anything unusual that I might have ingested. She is considering taking me to the emergency vet tonight she has to work two jobs tomorrow and cant take me to the regular vet then. Any ideas on what could be causing this? I have never had diarrhea before and she has never seen cat diarrhea this bad before. I am not showing any other signs of anything being wrong. I am eating normally and still drinking water

Pequena- (Sasha's- sister)

Purred: Thu May 2, '13 5:41pm PST 
I just found another diarrhea thread. Looks like cats can sometimes have it for even months? I feel a little better reading it, I was so worried about her and thought I should take her to the vet pronto, but maybe I will wait a day or two and see if it clears up first


Mr. Laid-Back
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We have a support group. Many of us have the same problem. Canned pumpkin can help. Mix a teaspoon with some canned food. The fiber will help. Dehydration is the biggest issue. Unflavored Pedialyte works wonders. Use a syringe if you have to. If you can't take the cat to the vet, at least try to collect a stool sample for a fecal and ask for some Pro-Pectalin (the same active ingredients as Kaopectate but without the aspirin toxicity concerns). It's a good general anti-diarrheal medication, but if the fecal shows something, you can treat it specifically.

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I am convinced that the food companies are adding more filler to their food. The filler they use is corn, for the most part. Recently I put a post on this forum under "loose stools," about our Rosie, who had this problem (loose poop/diarrhea) for over 6 months. Finally we started feeding her food with no corn, no corn gluten, no wheat, and totally natural, organic. She cleared up the same day she started to eat it. She had gotten really bad when we opened a brand new bag of Iams gastrointestinal Plus dry food, prescribed by the vet (there's corn grits and corn meal in it). It hadn't worked before at clearing up her problem (it worked on our other cats who had developed the same problem of loose stools), and when I opened this new bag, Rosie's diarrhea got worse. So -- that's my theory, that the newer stuff has more corn in it and that my Rosie can't tolerate corn.
It is more expensive than the other food, but what we use now is called "nulo naturals." They have dry and canned food. We got ours at Earth Fare markets, but I think they sell them at Whole Foods. It is more expensive, but to me it is really worth it not to worry about Rosie anymore! We mix a little bit of the Iams in with the nulo food, just to use up the Iams, and Rosie seems able to tolerate a little bit of the Iams.
Good luck!

Pequena- (Sasha's- sister)

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I have always and only fed her and my first cat organic food. Pequena only likes Wellness canned food, though. For dry food she seems to like any brand. When she had the diarhea last month I realized that I did change her dry food and I boought her Natural Balance, which is an organic brand but one I had never bought before. So I went and got her Blue which she has eaten before with no problems, and immediately upon switching her dry food the diarhea went away (thank god!)

But the diarhea is back again since yesterday. Still feeding her the Blue dry food and the Wellness canned food, so I thought maybe the new can of food I started feeding her thurs evening maybe there is some kind of bacteria or something in it. So I started feeding her a different can this morning but she still has been having diarhea all day long. For her dinner I put some probiotics in her food and she threw it up. So now I am waiting for my husband to get home from work to decide if we should take her to the emergency vet or not frown

Merlin - An Angel- Forever

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Diarrhea causes dehydration (after all, diarrhea is watery) so make sure your cat is getting plenty of water. The eaiest way to do this is to add water to the canned food. You don't need to make the food soupy unless your cat likes that. Some texture is fine.

I don't think a trip to the vet ER is necessary unless your cat is clearly in distress and/or pain or if other symptoms are showing. Call the regular vet and schedule an appointment ASAP. If the soonest apointment isn't for a couple of days, then it would be best to just go to the vet ER for treatment and follow up with the regular vet.

Lots of things can cause diarrhea: tummy sensitive to the brand of food, food allergies, IBD, worms, etc. The vet can run tests to determine what the problem is.


Psycho kitty
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Maybe its the food your on or how much water she is having, one time I had diarrhea for a week and my mum wasn't sure what was causing it so she consulted a vet, and he said its probably I am dehydrated or I am sick, or my food doesn't agree with my stomach. *Try switching foods, try giving her more water, take her to a vet and see if she is sick * Good Luck smile way to go

Alex (sweet angel girl)

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Has your kitty been to the vet at all? She needs to be tested for giardia which can cause severe diarrhea and chronic loose stools.


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At this point, the emergency vet is probably not necessary, but I would definitely make an appointment as soon as you can to take her to your regular vet. You need a fecal, and even if the vet doesn't see anything in the fecal, they will probably give you a broad spectrum dewormer. You may want to ask about irritable bowel syndrome. Work with your vet to come up with a short-term plan (perhaps a bland diet, some metrinidozole, Pro-Pectalin, or some combination of these and other actions to take), then talk about what improvement looks like and what modifications you can make once improvement occurs. Metrinidozole is a short-term treatment, as is Pro-Pectalin, but if you find that a certain food or the addition of pumpkin or Greek yogurt (all the benefits of vet probiotics with a fraction of the cost) to your cat's diet seems to alleviate symptoms, then keep doing those things. Nothing bad will happen to a cat whose diet includes canned pumpkin and a little bit of Greek yogurt (or at least it hasn't bothered my cats any).

Anecdotally, I'm going to venture a guess that intestinal problems are some of the most common issues that vets see in cats of all ages. If your vet seems to be at a loss, look for a second opinion. As a first call, I'd contact the local humane society or a local cat rescue and see which vet they use. Rescue cats are NOTORIOUS for having all manner of intestinal maladies and vets that deal with them on a regular basis have found all sorts of tips and tricks to try.

In the meantime, lots of water...use Pedialyte if needed. A spoonful of canned pumpkin or Greek yogurt (or both) mixed in a can of food. And make that appointment. Many of us have dealt with these issues and while it's messy and gross and smelly, this too shall pass.