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Purred: Sat Apr 27, '13 1:50pm PST 
Orion just threw up 9 times (no joke) in the space of 4 minutes. The first was a large hairball, and the two after were bits of a treat she ate a while ago (brownish in color). The next 6 were all liquid only, somehwhat white and foamy in color. She just walked around the room stopping and vommiting, and each time kind of retching like she still has a hairball, but it won't come up. She's still hovering low to the ground and not feeling like socializing. Should I be worried??


little stinker
Purred: Sat Apr 27, '13 3:26pm PST 
Hi orion, sorry, to hear you have a upset tummy. well, when that happens over here, 1/4 teaspoon of regular strength kaopectate, seems to do the trick. check with your vet first or call a er vet and ask them. depending on how upset tummy, they get 1-2 for one day. after that, we call the vet. the white seems to be normal, cause after lady tosses up a furball, she then tosses of the clear/white foam. we hope orion feels better.