Reducing kitty stress

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Nico is super stressed out right now because our life is about to change in a big way. In ten days, I'm going to be married.
Nico doesn't like change. He doesn't like even the furniture to be moved.
Being married means we are moving to a different city. A new house with new furniture. And there will be a new person there getting attention from me. Nico doesn't like to share.
Right now, he's picking up my stress because I'm getting married soon and I'm trying to plan the wedding. My house is in absolute shambles as there are boxes being packed and things everywhere. I went out of town last weekend to visit my parents so they could meet my future husband and Nico hates it when I'm gone. I've been working a ton.
Nico has taken to laying on the backpack I take to work as if trying to keep me from leaving. Last night he even peed on some blankets. Every time I see him, he has this sort of worried, perplexed expression. I know my cat very well and that's not his normal expression or posture.

Any tips on how I can help him de-stress? I plan to give him so extra one on one attention. I also plan to give him a little bit of canned food every day. (He normally gets it every few days.) Maybe I can take some of the boxes set them up so he can play in them. I also think helping his puppy sister stay calm would help too. He's very close to her and she's stressed too. Hers is an I-know-what-those-boxes-are-and-a-change-is-coming stress.
I also should try to relax myself, but yeah . . .
I can't afford a diffuser thing or else I'd try that.
Any other things I should do?
I'd try catnip, but catnip has no effect on Nico.
Thanks for the help!


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If Leo is peeing on things and looks stressed, acts stressed, it could just be stress or it could be a urinary tract infection of some kind. If you can, I'd take him to the vet, just to rule that out. The vet can also prescribe a low dosage of a tranquilizer, just to take the edge off of his anxiety.

Other than that, try to keep one spot in your house somewhat uncluttered and chaos-free. The bedroom works great for this. If there's a blanket you use a lot or an old sweatshirt or something that has your scent on it, let him lay on it (you can always wash the hair off later) in a room that is quiet and away from the chaos. Open the blinds on the window so he can sun himself if he wants to.

You might also want to try to get him to play for 15 minutes or so a couple of times a day if you can. It will help get some of that nervous energy out of him (and allow the two of you to strengthen your bond). He will sleep better and hopefully be a little calmer.


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my cats are on Whisker City™ Calm Down™ its only $10 at petsmart you can mix it in their wet food or water i use it in their water it seems to help they also make Whisker City™ At Ease™ for Cats its a spray ill be picking some up soon but my kitty bear has anxity and his sister leela get grumpy when change or new people come over