Keratinization on Paw??

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Hi There, new to this. My cat has a growth on her pad, its starting to bother her. Took her to the vet today and the vet said it was a Keratinization on her paw. It's directly in the middle of her big pad on front right paw. Also, I did not have her as a kitten but the Dr. noticed that the declawing job was bad, as some of the claws are growing back. Has anyone ever heard of or seen or experienced keratinization? The Dr. is recommending surgery, but I want to see if anyone else every had an issue with it. THANKS


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I have just looked 'Keratinization' up on Wikipedia....it would seem that loads of bits and pieces of animals are made of 'keratin'....nails, horns etc.....OOhhh and also (maybe) bits and pieces of dinosaurs too...!!

Don't know why your kitty is growing this 'thingy' on her paw....but it does not sound dangerous....

Please let me know what happens with her.....

Jan xxx


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Here is a pretty good article on keratin "horned" paws: http://messybeast.com/horned-paws.htm

I'm sorry to hear that Twilight is suffering from a botched de-claw. I'm assuming since you didn't have her as a kitten that you're not currently taking her to the same vet who did the original procedure? If it is the same vet, I'd switch immediately. frown

Hope you feel better soon, Twilight!