Metacam....Yes? No? No 'knee-jerk' reactions, please...!!!

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Hi...!! Jan here...!! I have just written on 'Cat Health' about someone who needs to have their cat's teeth looked at....yes/no/maybe? I have A LOT to say about anaesthesia and kitties' teeth.....

BUT my...my.....don't know what to call it? My...well...I suppose it is my 'GRIPE'......is that there are so many kitties and kitty-carers who say: 'Metacam....NO WAY...

Lillie has METACAM every day (and about 20 temptation litle biccies too)....and her arthritis is BETTER....although not quite right....

Her life will be shorter...I imagine....BUT please, dear ones, when you talk about METACAM.....PLEASE do not do an 'EEkkkkk Knee-Jerk Reaction' Have a think about it and tell me what you have come up with? For, it is, indeed, a question of 'life and death'.....of living and dying, of having a 'goodtime' or of suffering.....have a look and a think about this....please.....

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Here are the current recommended guidlines for Metacam use in cats: http://www.isfm.net/toolbox/info_sheets/NSAIDs_guidelines.pdf

All drugs can have negative side effects and adverse reactions, especially if guidelines for use are not followed. Sometimes even if guidlines are followed, reactions can occur shrug

Metacam works great for some cats, like yours way to go Then there are cats who have taken Metacam and had serious adverse heatlh effects resulting from it shrug I think it's good to know both sides of the Metacam issue and try to understand why the other side's point of view and not bash each other about where they stand on the issue.

And always talk to the vet before starting any medication on your cat and discuss possible reactions/effects and long term benefits of using the medication.


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Merlin.....thank you....

It's really weird that this thread is ALSO there from 'a new member'...!! Well, whatever, it is from ME...JAN...Tambi's Meouwmy.....

Have to say that I am sad to have so few replies....yes, I know...NO-ONE wants to give their cat Metacam....I don't....but when you get a 'poor creeping thingy' like Miss Lillie was, with her arthritis, what do you do?

Please someone, somepeople, somecats, someferrets, hamsters, angola rabbits etc..PLEASE tell the Meouwmy that she is doing the right thing, giving the metacam to Auntie Miss Lillie.....


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Jan, for what it's worth, I think you're doing the right thing for the right reasons, for Lillian. If that's the only thing that helps her and if she had a painful existence otherwise, then what other choice is there?

I had a small discussion with one of our vets about Metacam, when he once mentioned it as a possibility to consider using for Beepers' arthritis -- the same reason you're using it. This vet received board certification in feline medicine by the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners (AVBP-feline) and currently serves as chairperson of the research committee for the American Association of Feline Practitioners.

He feels the problems with Metacam were likely because of misuse, especially using too high a dose, and he thinks it's safe when used properly and with caution. I didn't yet read the entire article that Merlin posted the link to, but I think that's saying about the same thing.

We are not using Metacam for Beepers, since his arthritis does not seem that painful for him yet and there are other alternatives to try first. If it came down to Metacam being the only thing that helped, though, I'd use it.