Cat ate a BAG of treats... literally.

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All of the noms!
Purred: Sat Apr 13, '13 7:35pm PST 
Let's start with the good news: those Greenies Pill Pockets work.

In fact, they work well enough that my kitten stole the bag and ate 26 of them, along with a couple square inches of plastic he tore through getting to them.

Do I need to be worried? He's about nine months old, eight-ish pounds. Only the emergency vet is open until Monday, so I'm really hoping he'll just pass it... How soon would I see symptoms if it's going to be a problem? Is there anything I can give him to help... um, speed the process?


Purred: Sat Apr 13, '13 8:54pm PST 
Oh my, your cat sounds like my naughty boy, who is exactly the same age and pulls the same shenanigans. I am thinking that hopefully the cat didn't eat the plastic, but just chewed through it, first. And then, I have a feeling he could get a horrible case of diarrhea, or maybe some vomiting, but my guess would be that he will get diarrhea. My kitten, Stephano, got into an entire bag of cat nip. He didn't eat it all, but he ate a lot of it, and was rolling around in the pile of it, and he was ok. I think if he does get really ill, maybe you have to take him into an emergency vet, but hopefully he will just get the runs, at worst, that's what I'd be counting on.

Merlin - An Angel- Forever

Purred: Sun Apr 14, '13 6:04am PST 
He might have an upset tummy from eating a whole bag of treats shrug I would keep an eye on him for now. Be sure to watch litter box habits, behavior, and appetite. If anything seems off, take the cat to a vet.

Make sure to keep all treats in a cat-proof container of some sort and behind doors in a hard to reach place. Some cats are determined to get to yummy treats shrug