Constipated Kitty - help!

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Our 7 month old cat, Parker, went in for surgery on Thursday to have his two bottom canine teeth removed. The doctor gave us codeine to put in his ear twice every twelve hours to help with the pain. While Parker still has a big appetite, he has NO interest in drinking water and he seems to be having a problem going to the bathroom. This morning when he tried to poop, he mewed like he was in some pain. We think he pooed a bit yesterday (but it was small and hard) and nothing today. Like I said, his appetite is still there (we are only feeding him wet canned food) but I'm not sure why he doesn't want any water or why he can't poop now. Any ideas what I should do here? Could the codeine be the culprit? We haven't given him any today in case this is causing his constipation. The vet is closed until Monday frown

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I don't know if this will help, but when Merlin had CRF and became constipated while we were away from home, I bought baby suppositories and inserted one. It did seem to help - and might be worth a try over the weekend. Best of luck!


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I had a cat who had all her teeth removed, and she did not drink water for a few days afterward. She, too, was eating (canned food only), but did not drink. The vet said not to worry too much about it for the first few days, as long as she was eating okay -- and she did finally start drinking water again.

You could add a little water to his canned food, so he gets some more water that way.

Just like with humans, the anesthesia and pain medications can make it hard to get things moooving again after a surgery. You could give him a little bit of plain canned pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling, just plain pumpkin), if he'll eat it, or you could mix some in his food. It's good for both diarrhea and constipation. Here are suggestions for starting amount: Treatments for Constipation

I wouldn't withhold the pain medication if he still has pain.

I hope Parker's back to his regular self soon. hug


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Thanks for your responses everyone! I've been adding some water into Parker's soft food. He did poop yesterday, but nothing today. He's peeing though, so I know he's at least getting fluids even if he doesn't seem to want to drink much water. I'm going to keep monitoring his litter behaviour and if it still seems off I'll call the vet. Poor little guy. frown

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Another way to get more water in them is to use tuna water - not oil - tuna packed in water - drain the can and then add more water to it - then let him lap it up! This is a short term remedy - don't do it every day - but it helps entice them to take more water in even when it hurts. Good luck!


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Hi Parker...I'm Mario and I have just had a constipation problem, too! Please check out my profile and click on my forum posting...many wonderful humans have posted great information and suggestions!! I hope it will help you and you feel better soon!!!!

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Ask the vet about using Miralax.