Feline Asthma

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Mister Loki

Purred: Tue Mar 19, '13 11:46am PST 
A cat I recently adopted from the shelter (who was being treated with a URI) developed a horrible cough and no other symptoms that is typical of a URI. When my girly didnt get sick, I called the vet up and made an appointment for him.

An xray later the vet comes back to tell me my new kitty, Loki, is asthmatic. D: Its not curable, but treatable, and its a life long disease.

Anyone have any experiance or tips in regards to asthma? (Its very similar to human asthma).


Mr. Laid-Back
Purred: Sat Mar 23, '13 2:43pm PST 
Fiyero has asthma. He'll be just fine except for these coughing jags where he sticks his neck straight out and starts to sound like he's about to die. He was doing great for most of the winter, but as we get further in to allergy season, I have a feeling, he'll have some flare ups. Here are some of the things that I've started to do that have helped quite a bit:
1. Dust regularly. I hate dusting. Loathe it. But I will do it for Fiyero. I dust once a week. I do the blades on the mini blinds every two weeks. Vacuum on a regular basis too. And don't forget to clean out the canister and clean out the filter.
2. Change the sheets on your bed regularly. Dust and dander and whatnot collect in sheets, especially if the cats are regular sleeping companions. My sheets get changed every two weeks. I also wash my bath mats every couple of weeks too.
3. If you can afford one, get an air filter. It will help in between dustings to get all of the dust and allergens out of the air.
4. When it appears that there is a flare up, talk to your vet about some Prednisone. When Fi's asthma acts up, he gets a regimen of half a Prednisone twice a day for three days, then once a day for three days, the one every other day for three doses. It helps with the inflammation in his lungs. My vet has also told me that if that doesn't seem to be effective, cats can be trained to use inhalers, but thankfully, we aren't there yet.

Hope this helps some.

Merlin - An Angel- Forever

Purred: Sat Mar 23, '13 5:04pm PST 
Here's a good web site to learn more about feline asthma and treatment options: http://www.fritzthebrave.com/

Inhaled treatment is best for most cats. You use Flovent, the same medicine Human uses, and administer it using an AerkoKat inahler device. You can buy Flovent from the Human pharmacy with a prescription from your vet. Your vet may also sell it but may mark up the price pretty high shrug


little stinker
Purred: Thu Mar 28, '13 10:09am PST 
Hey Loki, Sammie has asthma too. found out in 2012, we always thought it was a furball. Sammie has been on Prednisone since then. how we do him is how often his attacks are, we have him 1 pill every 4-7 days, right now its once a week, will see if his asthma attacks increase during the summer. in sep 2012, we ran blood work on Sammie, everything came back perfect. so, any questions, feel free to pawmail us.