Hyperthyroidism and borderline kidney disease

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Sorry I'm not sure where to post this.

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Goose is 15 yrs old. He has hyperthyroidism and is on daily transdermal Methimazole. I feed him Purina
NF. I was feeding him Wellness chicken formula previously. He has regular follow-up vet visits. His
kidney function tests are stable but vet suggested a kidney diet, thus the Purina NF canned food. He is
doing well except his weight is down. I did a search on Caster regarding food to increase weight but I am
tryng to find low protein or no protein to feed along with the Purina NF. I do free feed him whenever he
"asks." I do give him Temptation treats once a day. I also sprinkle generic Miralax in the a.m. to aid in
BMs, Any suggestions Goosie would greatly appreciate.


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Goose, I'm sorry that no one has responded to your question, either here or in Olde Furts. frown

It's the phosphorus content in the food that should be kept low for kidney disease. I did a 'quick search' of these forums using only the term "phosphorus" and came up with several posts that have helpful information and references (to other websites). There were links to charts that give the phosphorus content of various foods.

I picked out one fairly recent thread from my 'quick search' with good information that may help:
Kidney Disease

There were several other pages of posts about "phosphorus", too.


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Hi Goose. I just wrote in my diary about these very problems. I'm also hyperthyroid and early kidney. Kidney diets are great because low protein, phospherous, and sodium, but higher in fat to try and keep weight on us. Royal Canin Renal and SD K/D have been good, haven't tried NF. I hear the Iams kidney diet is also real good.