Leaky Butt!

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I posted this in the wrong section, so here goes!
Let me start by saying my cat has been seen by a vet and nothing is physically wrong with her. That being said, she has a leaky butt! She's on a high-quality no grain food (Dick Van Patten's Limited Ingredient) but seems to suffer from a leaky anal gland. It's not an all the time thing but every so often for a few weeks she will smell absolutely awful. You can smell the leakage on her hind quarters and she will sometimes leak on furniture or blankets. Does anyone have any tips for dealing with this? I wash her back end every time she smells (it will gag you) and she absolutely hates it. Anyone have any suggestions or remedies for this? Thanks!


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I know you said there isn't anything medically wrong but did the vet have an explanation or theory? Anal glad issues can crop up for a number of reasons and can be related to bowel movement issues. The sacs drain normally when your cat has a bowel movement, when they bear down the sacs drain. If your cat has chronically loose stools I can see where they might not drain properly. In contrast chronic constipation can cause the glands to not drain normally as well. What consistency is your kitty's bowel movement? Does she spend a lot of time cleaning herself? Cats can also express their glands when they are startled - is she a jumpy kitty? My cat Phoebe will occasionally squirt if she is surprised - at first I thought she was just passing gas - nope - little squirt.

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Some cats just have overproductive anal glands shrug Anal gland secretion stinks horribly eek There's not too much you can do. Your vet can show you how to express the glands at home to preven the sacs from becoming overly full and leaky. Be sure to do this somewhere that is easy to clean (like bathroom) and do it on an old towel that you can wash or throw away. And wear old clothes just in case stuff squirts out and gets on you shock You may need to do this at least once a week to keep leaks to a minimum. Use pet safe wipes to clean the stinky secretions off the butt.

There is a sugery that can be done to remove the anal glands but it can have side effects like loose stools shrug

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She doesn't suffer from loose stools or constipation. She eliminates once or twice a day at generally the same time - she's very consistent. The vet didn't seem very concerned about it, said her diet is fine, her stool is fine, said there wasn't really anything he could DO since no illness was causing it.
Years ago when my dog was still with us we had to express her anal glands every so often so I know how it's done but I've never successfully expressed kitty; nothing seems to ever come out (and good lord, is it difficult to even try).

I've heard others say that high fatty or high protein diets can sometimes lead to leaky rears but haven't been able to find too much information on it. I thought the high grade grain-free diet was supposed to be BETTER for cats and their digestive/elimination processes?


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I don't know if her diet has anything to do with it - and if she is in good health otherwise it may just be that she has leaky anal glands. Maybe regular manual anal gland expression will keep it under control. The method for cats and dogs are a little different so you may want the vet’s advice before you try it - I know with cats you don't insert your finger like you do with dogs - particularly large dogs. I am sorry I don't have better advice. Good luck.


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Sherpa has leaky anal glands too. The vet and I have experimented with diet and fiber supplements, but I've wound up just wiping him with pet wipes when it gets bad. If you come up with a better solution I'd love to hear it!! big grin


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I had a dog once with this problem, and he had to have his anal glands expressed every month when he was groomed, or we could not bear to be around him. Beep used to have a problem with them getting impacted and for a few months I took her in so they could express them. I have heard from groomers that if you start doing it, you have to keep doing it. I have heard from some people who have pets with anal gland issues that having more fiber in the diet helps. Gosh, I know I have nothing to offer here, I'm just sorry you are dealing with this, and that your poor kitty is too, because you know it must be unbearable for her too. I hope you are able to figure something out soon.

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my poor kitty who is very nervous type has this anal leakage. She is also a tad overweight after getting her fixed. That is when glands began leaking. I ve tried diet, brushing, more sunshine and Ive come to the conclusion that its her nerves, If I sniff too hard she takes off running & I have had her for 6 yrs, her stool is normal and her diet is no grain or fillers of corn or soy or rice N wheat