Recent but persistent uti and vomiting--not obstructed

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Around the 24th of January my 8 year old orange tabby neutered male started to present signs of urinary troubles (frequent urination with not much output).

(Before you tell me to switch him to wet food, you should know that I have tried and he absolutely refused to eat it--I tried microwaving it, leaving him trapped in a room with it for 48 hours with periodic freshenings--he won't eat it.)

On the 24th I took him to the vet. He got an X-ray to check for obstruction, which was negative, an injection of some anti inflammatory, and a script for Pred. The vet noted that he had a very full stomach, and that it was possible he was constipated along with what may be an uti. I kept him separate from my other cat for a couple of days in order to monitor his water intake and check that he was bming and urinating normally. All seemed normal. 7 days after the initial visit, on the last day of the Pred, he started showing signs of urinary distress again. We went back to the vet, at which time he got another anti inflammatory injection, and 2 weeks of antibiotics. Since the Pred didn't work, the vet seemed pretty sure it was a bacterial infection.

About a week into the antibiotic, and he has started vomiting after he eats. This is not that unusual; about once a week it seems like he will eat too fast, and then immediately heave up his food. He will re-eat it if I prevent the other cat from eating it first ( my other cat is a Hoover--would gorge himself if I let him). However, he has vomited directly after eating at least once a day since Thursday, and early this morning he vomited after both feedings, and then again at lunch. This morning he vomited and re-ate the same meal twice. He is still keeping the antibiotic down because I have been carful to feed it between meals. I am going to call the vet tomorrow. Since today is Sunday, I was wondering if this community had an ideas. He has peed once since early this morning, but no bm yet. He seems his normal, vigorous self, except both cats are upset that I have separated them again. What should I do to control the vomiting and what should I tell the vet when I call him tomorrow?


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So sorry you and your kitty are going through this. Boy, have I ever been where you are. My male was blocked twice, a year apart, from a UTI and nearly died. I don't know what to think about the vomiting, what that could be. As far as the UTI, I know you don't want to hear it, but he needs to be on an all wet food diet. I also had the CAT FROM HELL, I cried over it, when I had to change this horrible beast over to canned food. She flat out REFUSED to eat it. She too, had developed some urinary issues, and I was told she needed to be on canned food only. It literally took me months to get this cat on canned food. This is what I did. I gave her a small amount of dry food in the morning, like maybe 1/3 of what I would normally feed her, that way I knew she would not starve to death, and then I would put out canned for her. I left it out for a few hours, and of course, she absolutely refused. She would sit next to it and stare at me and refuse to even touch it. At night, again, I gave her the 1/3 of the amount of dry and more, fresh canned. After a few days, trust me, the old bitty reluctantly started to taste the food, and at first it was just that, a few tastes of it. I made no big deal of it, I didn't act upset, I just matter of factly put the stuff out and that was what she was going to eat if she got hungry. It was probably a few weeks of this process, giving her the tiny amount of dry but offering her the canned, before she started to eat some of the canned. Within a few weeks, she was eating more of the canned. I swear, once they actually eat an entire meal of it, they realize that this is not such a raw deal. As she started to eat more of the canned, she got less of the dry. Now, because she was such a big dry addict, she literally gets about 10 little kibbles in the evening, before bedtime,sort of a bedtime snack. She will bug the crap out of me if I don't give her those 10 kibbles. She was so hard to convert over. But I can tell you, that I absolutely think it is the key to controlling the UTI's. I don't know of another way. I see so many people go around and around in circles with the UTI'ls but continue to feed dry, and they will buy prescription food, or special UTI diet dry food, but I think it is as simple as getting them to eat canned. I can tell you that before I stuck to the switch over with Beep, I had tried many times before to get her to eat canned and just gave up when she refused to eat it. But the last time, I knew I had to do it for her health, and I was persistant and stuck to it and it took a long time. It has been 4 years since the switch over and she still goes crazy over any kind of dry food, which I would not even have in my house if not for me knowing how crazy she is for it and giving her her 10 little kibbles in the evening. I'm sorry if you feel like I'm preaching to you, I don't think people on here mean to preach, it's jsut that if you have been through this and then found what works, you know what works, and you just want to share that knowledge. I hope you can discover why he is having the vomiting issue. Beep throws up a lot, she is just a puker. I've recently had friends who found out there cat had major food allergies to chicken and corn, and their cat had constant diarrhea, and they put the cat on natural balance venison and green pea, and no problems any more. I wonder if it could be a food allergy. Good luck, and keep us posted.

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Read this about urinary issues in cats: http://www.catinfo.org/#Cystitis_

Canned (or raw) is the only way to get adequate water into the cat's body to help keep everything working properly, especially the urinary system since water is needed to carry nutrients around the body and wastes out of the body. Not enough water = very concentrated urine that which results in urinary issues shrug

A 48 hour period of trying to get a dry food addicted cat to eat canned food is not enough shrug People these days have come to expect immediate results with everything shrug silenced Getting a dry food addict to eat canned food takes time and lots of patience no matter how frustrating it may seem. Some really stubborn cats may take months to accept canned food. There are lots of ways to transition a cat to canned food. http://www.catinfo.org/docs/TipsForTransitioning1-14-11.pdf has tips way to go Some cats only like a particular texture of canned food, say chunks/slices instead of pate. Others will only eat certain brand(s) or flavors.

Dry foods are coated with an irresistable coating (animal digest) that many cats get addicted to. Canned food doesn't have any of the yummy coating (it's usually yummy enough on its own) but you can sprinkle some FortiFlora on it the food to make it yummy. FortiFlora is basically animal digest. Your vet may sell the product or you can buy it online. Crushed up freeze dried raw food on top of canned food may appeal to some cats.

Beep, glad you were able to get onto canned food way to go The few pieces of dry food you get every day is ok. That won't hurt smile Do you add extra water to the canned food?

My two cents smile