Trying to help cats with head trauma/spinal cord injuries

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Mommy created a facebook page fer me a while ago. She did it to get donations to help care for me because of her car accident she cannot work, and so many vets said to make me have the BIG sleep after not checking me out. Mommy knew vets were wrong and there was something else was wrong...

If you don't know my story, you can read about it on my facebook page. It is real long to get into!

Moms goal of this post is to ask if there are any other kitties like me, if she can try and help their mommys and daddys get them better. She isn't a vet, but she is just super smart! Mom wants to help other kitties like me from being given the BIG sleep because she has talked to many people and found out that there were more like me, but they went to the rainbow bridge because they were improperly diagnosed. Mommys heart hurts for this and she doesn't want this to continue. So, my mom has taken it upon herself to document me and other kitties with unknown wobbliness, and see if she can help make us better. Then, she would like to speak to my vet and the internal medicine specialist (and possibly the neurologist I might be seeing) to help her write something for vets everywhere to help them find what to look for to avoid giving more of us the big sleep.

Mom has already tried this on a terrible wobbly kitty, and the rehab therapy is working. This kitty has never ever stood up, she is 4 and is now trying to stand after a month and a half of mommys help with her mommy. Her mommy cries alot, but its good tears!

Mommy wants to make kitties happy and healthy, so this is what she is looking for to help determine if kitties are like me, or actually have CH:

*eye jitters - the eyes will move around after the cat moves
*hind leg bending - older kitties may not bend now, but have they ever bent their legs when trying to walk.
*sound or light sensitivity - waking up to every sound, and squinting with light
*warm head or ears - usually after play or walking around
*falling in more than one direction - I fall in every direction

So if you have, or know of a kitty like this if you could let mommy know, show her a video, go to or send the mommy or daddy to my page to see my videos.

You can email me at savedmerida@gmail.com or go to my facebook at http://www.facebook.com/SavedMerida

My mom thinks she is crazy for taking on everything she does, but she just loves animals too much! laugh out loud