Occasional Vomiting

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Hi there,I would like to find out what your opinions are with occasional vomiting. My mom thinks its just hair balls, but I vomit food out and she sometimes finds hair in the vomit. It doesn't smell like anything and there is no blood, just mucas and food. I sometimes moan just before I vomit cause it is very uncomfortable. When my mommy took me to the vet and asked about it, they just said that is could be hair that gets swollowed, and hairballs... I obviously have a very sensitive stomach. When we get let outside, with my mom watching over us, I love to eat grass, its my favorite treat... (I should update my page to say that) - but this seems to trigger the vomiting too. My mom has had us on Royal Canine food my whole life, so I don't think it is the food. Your opinions would be appreciated! wave


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I know cats/dogs usually eat grass when their tummies are upset, so your cat might be doing that to try and calm it's stomach, or to help get rid of whatever is upsetting it's stomach. You might ask your vet, but I know there are vitamins that will help ease hairballs if that's the case.


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Believe it or not, Royal Canin is not actually a great food. It has a lot of ingredients that are not part of a cat's natural diet. If this is a food sensitivity you might try a canned food that is grain-free. Cats can't digest grains and vegetables. I would definitely mention this to the vet again and make sure to have bloodwork done to make sure nothing is wrong.

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I second the grain free vote. My cat has an incredibly sensitive stomach and can't tolerate anything but grain free. Also, are you eating too quickly or playing too hard after eating? Some cats suck down their food so fast it and then want to run around; two things that can easily cause them to barf!