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Not sure what is wrong w/my baby. For the last 2 months we noticed she had some small scabs around the base of her tail & lower back. We automatically thought they were fleas but had her at the vets, for other reasons, & they said no fleas. We also checked her fur daily & could find nothing, no fleas,no flea dirt. She isn't scratching but the vet said the scabs could be from stress which could be making her over bath herself. Finally one day I did find a very, very tiny flea. But only one. So I went & got her Advantage. 2 days after that the scabs cleared up. Now a month later we find that she has the scabs re-appearing. Again we have been checking daily & not one sign of fleas. She is an indoor cat & has no contact w/any other animals. She doesn't seem to be bothered by these scabs. I have never caught her scratching or even licking near the spot they are located. Just wondering if anyone else has had something similar to this.


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Sonny has this, and it is an allergy to flea bites. Even one flea can cause it to flare up, so you will have to de-flea again, since although you did it once, it has to be done at least 2 more times since the first flea probably laid eggs and they have hatched.

Sonny is also an indoor dweller, but fleas can come in from another pet that comes inside, on your own clothes if you go out or visit someone that has fleas at their house.

I have the great luck of having a cat that HATES having the flea med applied and it's always a battle when it has to be done, but it does get rid of the bumps once I do it.

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It is called Flea allergy dermatitis. You can Google it and there are a bunch of sites that have a lot of information. I have that problem myself frown kitty
What Meowma does is give me some Advantage and it will stop. But she has to treat all of us and there are 4 cats and 3 big dogs here...eek
so best of luck and read on line or ask your vet.
Please keep us all informed as to what you decide to do.

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