Allergic to New Cat and so is My Roommate, Need Help

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I was the one who went back and forth over keeping a third cat that I was fostering, and FINALLY decided to give a forever home too....

My roommate has been cool with this and was fine for a while, but she has had a persistent cold that she cannot shake. I suspect this allergies and she like I is instantly better when away from teh house. I don't want to make her sick... Some thoughts...

Will an air purifier really make a difference??? If so, should I get one for her room and main living area? Is there any that fellow allergic cat lover have been using and can recommend that is moderately priced, and works???

I have heard there are sprays that will denature the dander on their coat? Are there any you can recommend? If these don't work, I will haev to find her a home... And I so don't want to do that.. I went back and forth and I know the cat rescue won't help me now..

Does generic zyertec work at all?

IS there any vacuum that is better at cleaning up cat dander than others> I can't vaccuum my bedroom because my vaccuum is constantly getting clogged from all the yiou guessed it, CAT HAIR...

So at a loss as of right now.


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I have heard that there are a few pet vacuums that are good. An air purifier for roommates room would prob be good - and anywhere the kitties hang out the most. I would wash bedding frequently too. Generic zyrtec is the same as regular. Good luck!

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This response is not specifically directed to the poster, it's my thoughts in general on the subject. I think if 10 of went to an allergy dr they'd say 9 of us were allergic, I think it's ridiculous! I've been told I'm allergic to dogs and cats and I've had them all my life. I take a Zyrtec each morning and I'm fine etc. it drives me nuts when I see a cat at a shelter because owner is allergic. Take a pill people! If you were allergic to your kid would you give them away? Again, truly not directing this to the poster, more to the subject.


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One thing you might consider is putting her on a raw diet. Right now there's only anecdotal evidence that this helps, but I know my brother who is *horribly* allergic to cats doesn't really have a problem around BK, who is raw fed. Raw feeding is not for everyone, but I thought I'd mention it as one component in your arsenal of things to try!


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How are things going now?

I used to be extremely allergic to cats. I'd start sneezing if I had lunch with a cat owner. If one of my friends who had cats visited, I'd be allergic to the side of the sofa they sat on for a couple of days.

I did allergy shots for about a year, and they seem to have helped a LOT with the sneezing issue.

Unfortunately, prolonged exposure to cats makes it very difficult for me to breathe.

So, of course, last year my roommate and I adopted a kitten. She's not allowed in my room at all and I took a 24 hr antihistimate every day, but by the end of a week, I was having breathing problems. At the end of a month, I could barely breathe without breeaking into a coughing fit.

Fortunately I have health insurance and went to see an allergist. He put me on two asthma medications that helped. One is a Dulera inhaler, which is a steroid (ie inflammation reducer) combined with a LABA (long acting beta agonist, whatever that means) that I take twice a day. I also take Singulair which is another asthma medication that works pretty well with the Dulera. These medications along with antihistamines took care of my allergies.

To reduce the amount of allergen, vacuum vacuum vacuum. Don't ever allow the cat in your roommate's room. Once a week, bathe the cat or wipe her down with cat wipes, unscented baby wipes, Allerpet, or a damp washcloth. Allerpet is a liquid you wipe your cat down with that claims to help with allergens.

Good luck!


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What people are actually allergic to is a protein found in a kitty's saliva. When she washes herself, the protein gets onto her fur and then is shed into the environment. If you can get her to tolerate regular bathing, it's a really good way to remove the protein from her coat. You can also try bath wipes. way to go


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I think keeping the kitty out of your roommates bedroom and vacuuming and wiping down furniture will help, and of course, taking a zyrtec or claritin would do wonders also. I also think, and have known this to be true with MANY people who thought they were deathly allergic to cats, after a few weeks, your body and your system gets used to them, and doesn't react as badly and you are able to tolerate being around the cat more. My mother in law, who is a drama queen and is "supposedly" allergic to everything under the sun, and "deathly" allergic to cats is just fine when she's at my house, with three cats, because she has been over so often (kill me) that she is used to them. However, she has a new kitten that she has had for maybe a month and she thought she was going to die the first few weeks, and sure enough, she is starting to tolerate the kitten now. I told her to give it time, it will get better, and it is. Same thing with my daughter's roommate, "deathly" allergic to cats, after two months, he's fine. Give it a little time. Even my friend who has 2 cats and IS allergic to many things, including cats and dogs (her and her two kids) to the point they took allergy shots so that they could keep the pets, after a few years of the shots, they don't even need them any longer. They tolerate both just fine, and they had problems in the beginning too. Hopefully it will all work out because kitty needs you!

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In addition to the good advice already given, from what I've read about allergy shots for treatment of cat allergies, they usually do work.

Here's links to some good advice and measures to take that should help you cope with having a cat and cat allergies.
http://www.webmd.com/allergies/guide/cat-allergies?page= 2
http://consciouscat .net/2011/08/29/living-with-cat-allergies-and-cats/