Younger Cat and Older Cat fighting Help

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I have a kitten I rescued 7 months ago, and brought her home to a 7 year old male. I went by the books, kept her contained in a spare bathroom for 2 weeks until she was fully immunized, and slowly accustomed to me, and "human house sounds" She then graduated to the bedroom/bathroom area with minor interactions in the following weeks through a screen with the older cat. After that there were supervised interactions and when one acted agressively I "let them work it out" as suggested. They are now together all day in my house while I work. The kitten is so regimented to sleep in her spare bedroom, that I've continued to keep her in there from bedtime to morning. That gives both her and the older cat a little break from eachother. My problem is that the kitten seems to love to terrorize the adult cat. She whacks her tail constantly and relentlessly pounces and hunts her when the older cat walks into a room, etc. It's harmless, she is just playing but it can turn aggressive because the older cat just hates it. I've noticed my poor older cat's personality is starting to change. After I put the younger kitten to bed for the night, the older cat comes around more often but she's almost like hyper paranoid, looking left/right under/over everything for her. He becomes himself again after a few when he realizes she's gone for the night. Is it possible for cats to be jealous? I'm wondering if a secondary effect to me paying isolated attention to the kitten (who was 6 weeks when I got her) is that 7 months later she thinks I'm "hers" If I give the older cat affection, or attention I look over at the kitten and she's always there giving me a dead on wide eyed stare in almost a creepy jaded ex-girlfriend kinda way ha ha. I'm wondering if me paying attention to the older cat is perhaps a source of her aggression towards the older cat? A way to "drive her away" perhaps? The facts are the older guy is a nice guy. Everyone says oh he will make it known he's alpha, but I'm telling you he wont. He's the type to hiss, fake bite but he would never want to hurt anyone/anything. I'm fearing that a consequence of this, is some kind of constant anxiety/stress on the older cat? I brought the kitten home to save her life and was excited to bring a companion home for the older guy as well. I love them both but it kinda stinks thinking I may have made his life miserable by bringing her here. Anyone with a similar experience? suggestions? advice?


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Hi there,
I am currently going through the same experience.. as i have just adopted Molly's Sister Coco... both 1 year old female ragdoll cats.. i had Molly since a kitten and somehow found her real sister advertised in a local add.. Coco wasn't looked after so i decided to rescue her. I had Coco in a safe room (bathroom as well for couple of weeks) and they were both hizzing and growling at the door.. i have done a slow introduction for 2 weeks until i decided to leave Coco out... Molly follows Coco around the house and gets crazy if Coco is playing with her toys... from day to day it seems to get better.. and i leave them alone at home.. during the day they are both sleeping in the same room (in the bathroom) Coco in one corner and Molly in the other.... only had night time.. they go crazy and are wresting and fighing and keeps me awake all night.. i am trying to spend time with bought that nobody feels left behind.. but it is not easy..... i am sometimes i am also wondering.. if it will ever gets better....... but i decided to give it atleast 1 year.
With your cats try to play with them in the same time with 2 different toys and maybe they start playing with eachother.. if they do.. give them both a treat... reward the kitten with treats when she does not attack your older cat... for older cats it is takes longer to get used to the new kitten (sometimes never... thats what i have read)... also feed them wet food in the same time (2 separate bowls) try to feed them next to eachother... that helps with bonding (that helped Molly and Coco a bit). Also maybe buy a Feliway (Feliway.com) diffuser it might help.
Good Luck and don't give up... it might gets better. Keep me posted laugh out loud)