Asthmatic Cat- Alternive to inhaler while we go on vacation?

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Our cat Harry was diagnosed with asthma about a month ago and he's now doing very well on his inhaler with the Aero-kat device. No attacks/coughing at all since we began treatment. However, we are scheduled to go on a five day vacation on January 10th. He's a scaredy cat and doesn't come out from under the bed for the cat-sitter. There's no way he'll take the inhaler or a pill from the cat-sitter. I don't know what to do. How can we treat his asthma while we're out of town?! I will call the vet, too, but I thought someone out there might have some good advice for me.


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My kitty Simon has asthma as well, though I give him pills and not the inhaler. He was diagnosed Dec 18th 2012 and the one time I left home for a few days I took him with me lol. Would it be possible to leave him in one room where he cannot escape or hide good enough he cannot be found and have a friend come and give him his medication or does he get too aggressive to handle? I know the vets here will let you board/kennel your pet there and they will give him his meds but depending on where you go it can get kinda pricey.

Good luck!

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Can you confine the cat to one room with limited hiding spaces to make it easier for the pet sitter? thinking Put toys, food and water bowl, and the litter box in the room and leave clear instructions for the pet sitter to not let the cat out of the room.

An alternative is to buy a large crate/cat play pen (Drs.FosterandSmith.com has some multi level large cat play pens) and put the cat in there with litter box, bowls, toys, etc so the pet sitter doesn't have to go look for the cat.

Boarding is always an option. Some vets offer baording and will give medicines and stuff a pet needs. Regular boarding places may also give medicines but may lack qualified staff who have experience giving medicines shrug Definitely ask about qualified saff who have prior vet experience or something similar with giving medicines *correctly*.


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Phillipe is on an inhaler too! He was on it twice a day, but did so much better once i began they lowered me to once a day.

I found a pet sitter who was once a vet tech, may be worth looking around locally. Fortunately Phillipe is extremely food driven so anybody with some tuna fish will get him to come out..

Is there a snack that will prompt him out from hiding? Maybe you can try having your friends lure him out to acclimate him to strangers? You may be surprised what tuna will do! I suspect the vet will say that it is not good to not give him his inhaler, it could lead to a bad attack and you will not be there to care for him if he has one frown

Any more questions pls let me know. Phillipe has been on his inhaler since April I never thought he would warm up to it, but he is SUCH a good boy about it now, i can't believe it.


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Will your cat take medicine in food? I don't know much about switching between the inhaler and the pred pills, but if your kitty gets the clear to switch between the two and he will take a pill in something (like tikicat tuna or fancy feast,something real smelly and strong) that might be a no-contact way to get the meds in.

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I am in the same boat...I wanted to go visit my mom out of state but there is NO WAY anyone else will be able to give her the inhaler or pills, and I know she won't eat the pills in food for anyone else.
There is a shot that I looked into, but I belong to a forum for people with cats on inhaled steroids and a ridiculous amount of people have said their cats got very sick after having the shot, so that is out of the question now too.
I can't afford to board her, but there is a special cats only vet hospital near me that has really nice cat boarding...maybe there is something similar near you?

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My girl has been on an inhaler for about 5 years now (Flovent). She does well on it, but every now and then also needs albuterol or prednisone (so many other side effects with pred long-term though). At first she didn't like it too much but I daily "con" her into it and now often she even purrs while getting it. I bring the yummy soft food into the room but I don't offer it until she has breathed her inhaler. Those who take care of her when I can't follow this routine and it works--she's used to it and it makes her happy and healthy! Not sure you can get a routine like that started for this trip, but maybe in the future. I wouldn't let him skip his meds though...just never know if he could have issues and you wouldn't be there.

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Lots of vet techs pet sit on the side. Ask at your vet office way to go They should already know how to give medicines but always train the person just in case.

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Could your vet give him a long lasting steroid injection to cover the duration of your absence - then you go back to the inhaler as soon as you return? I know the inhaler is a safer long term treatment but at least you'd know that any inflammation was under control while you were away. I personally think a one- off steroid injection is quite safe - it's when they're given repeatedly over a long period of time that side effects become an issue.

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The steroid injection is a good option. Or the pet sitter could just put a steroid pill a day in a pill pocket and leave it by his food.