Feline Asthma

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What is Feline Asthma?
Asthma in cats is a chronic inflammation of the small passageways of the lungs (bronchioles). When your pet has asthma, these passages thicken, and collapse when the cat inhales, making it difficult for the pet to catch its breath. All degrees of asthma exist. In severe cases, coughing, wheezing and exercise intolerance occur. In these cases, large numbers of bronchioles plug up with mucus and the smooth muscle that surrounds these tubes go into spasm, restricting breathing. Other cats have only a mild cough or high-pitched wheeze that comes and goes. It is estimated that one percent of all cats suffer from asthma. The incidence of the disease is highest in Siamese cats.

The chronic bronchitis of feline asthma usually first occurs between the ages of two and six. It starts as a slight cough and mild respiratory distress interspersed with long periods during which your pet appears normal. These early signs are often overlooked or are mistaken for hair balls.

Cats in the midst of an acute asthma attack have very hard time breathing. They assume a praying position and concentrate on obtaining the air they need in deliberate breaths. These breaths are deep, labored and abdominal. Sometimes they will vomit. A severe asthma attack can be life threatening.

I got my new fur-child, Simon, 7 days ago and on day 2 I noticed he wheezed a lot. The poor little guy just seemed like he was working way harder than he should have been to breathe. I asked a co-worker who had known him in his previous home and she told me he's been wheezing for years. I called the vet and made an appointment, which was last Tuesday, and he had to get an X-ray done of his chest to see what was going on. The vet diagnosed him with Feline asthma and prescribed him Prednisone, which is a steroid. I should learn not to google thins though because the side effects kind of scare me. He seems to be doing really well on them though, it's day 3 of his pills and I can already notice a difference in his breathing.
For the first 7 days he takes one everyday, then 2 weeks on every second day, and after that every three days he gets one.

Has anyone dealt with Feline Asthma?

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Sammie has asthma too. can not remember if it was 09 or 10 when we realized he had asthma. since we found out, sammie has been on Prednisone, with out any side effects. sammie had bloodwork back in sep, 2012. everything came back normal. depending on how his attacks go, we have him on one pill every 3-7 days. right now its one every seven days. my vet said if you keep the pills spaced apart, you really should not have any problems. my vet also said, its when the kitty gets a pill once a day for like 6 months or more, thats when the problems of side effects can start. also, now, when sammie has an attack, unless you are in the same room, you can not hear him cough. his attacks are one little cough and thats it. also, het gets a half a pill in the morning, the other half at night. every kitty is different, but, we hope this helps. we did take him try to take him off the Prednisone, that lasted about a week or two, then he started coughing again. any questions, feel free to ask.


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Here is a good web site to learn about feline asthma and the various forms of treatments: http://www.fritzthebrave.com/

I had asthma. I used inhaled Flovent with the AeroKat device. It seemed to work though I occasiionally still coughed shrug


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Thank you Sammie and Merlin for your responses!

@ Sammie> We're on one pill every second day for another week and a half then I switch to one pill every 3 days and see how that goes. I still get kinda wheezy but mom thinks that it's the carpet, it's old carpet that she really, really wants to rip out as soon as she gets enough money to do it!

@Merlin> My vet didn't suggest an inhaler, I'm kind of glad though because I don't know how I would take to that, I'm usually a good boy and take my pill really well, though she smooshes my whiskers when she opens my mouth. frown

kitty Thanks again guys!

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