Not a dental issue...but what is it?

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My 10-year old cat usually eats twice a day (1/3 cup x 2), but lately he leaves a lot of little crumbs in the bottom of his bowl, and leaves them there forever. I thought he was just getting older and needed less food, so I cut his food down to 1/3c once a day, but now he is acting like he is starving, scavenging around for food and acting desperate. Meanwhile there's still crumbs in his bowl.

I've only done this for about a week now, but I noticed today he seems to have lost a LOT of weight. My cat has always been in the healthy range weight-wise, but at the top of that range. Now he's practically underweight, I would guess.

So, he is eating and chewing enthusiastically, which leads me to think it's NOT a dental issue. He just leaves a lot of little crumbs behind and doesn't want those. It's almost like they get soggy or stale and then he doesn't want them. So strange to be begging for food though, and refuse to eat the leftover crumbs. Vexing.

What's wrong with my cat?

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Has the cat been to the vet for a check up yet? If not, I would schedule one soon. A senior year old cat can have underlying health issues. Excessive hunger and weight loss are two symptoms of diabetes. Flooding the litter box with sticky sweet smelling pee is another symptom. If the breath smells like nail polish remover, take the cat to the vet ASAP. Nail polish smelling breath indicates diabetic ketoacdisosis which can be fatal if not immediately treated by a vet.

Twice a day meals isn't enough for cats. It's like a Human eating a cup of cereal twice a day with nothing else in between shrug You can use a programmable timed feeder to give mini meals throughout the day.

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I just saw your post on the Catsite and answered you. it can also be a sign of thyroid disease. Get him to a vet! He needs to be checked as losing weight is a sign of illness.