PLEASE HELP! Kitten Amputee

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Hello all,

I am new to this site and am desperately trying to get some feedback. I hope you can help and apologize for the length of this post.

I rescued a newborn kitten in August- so newborn, his eyes were closed and he could not walk yet. Since then I have been caring for him and all has been well except for one of his posterior legs. After many many visits to different vets and lots of second opinions it was discovered Frank (my kitten) has Pythium. In an effort to save his life (and again after many second opinions and lots of antibiotics), my husband and I decided the best option Frank had to live was to amputate his leg.

He had his surgery today and the vet suggested we pick him up so that he could spend the first night after surgery in a familiar place. Frank is EXTREMELY aggressive with other people (he has bitten and scratched up countless vets & vet techs) so she felt that if he were at home he would allow us to help cater to him more than if he were over night at the animal hospital. Long story short is that my kitten is not at all reacting how I have read online other kittens (and older cats) react.

He is extremely aggressive towards my husband and I (he has tried to come at us - something he has NEVER done before the surgery). He is obviously having some trouble and clearly in pain, so I wrapped him up in a towel and was able to give him some pain meds (from what I could put in his mouth) to help with the pain. He keeps rolling around and attacking the bandaged area and when we finally calm him down a bit, he screams out randomly and hysterically (to say the least) every 20-25 minutes.

Can anyone tell me if this is how their cat/kitten reacted to an amputation? Can anyone give me pointers on what I should do to make him less aggressive and get him to warm up to me again. Has anything like this happened to anyone else!?! I am almost inclined to say this is a reaction to the anesthesia, because his behavior is so completely out of the norm I don't even think it is a direct result of the surgery.

I realize all animals can react differently and that he has just gone through something terrible and a major, but I am not able to be around him without him trying to bite me and him get all worked up (which is obviously not good for him). I feel horrible and I just don't know what else to do to help him and also don't know if this behavior is even normal.

Any information anyone can provide is welcome and appreciated. Thank you all so much in advance.


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I do not know about kittens but when my dog had to have her leg amputated she had a lot of phantom pain. What helped her the most was acupuncture. I hope things are going better for you.