Fatty tumor removal?

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Howie- (1999-2014)

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Purred: Mon Nov 26, '12 5:23pm PST 
My Howie has gotten very tubby in his old age, and a few months ago I noticed a lump high on his hip, about the size of a grape. Squishy and right under the skin, you can push it around a little, doesn't bother him at all, and it doesn't seem to be growing anymore. I took Howie to the vet, and although the vet diagnosed it as a fatty tumor, especially given Howie's size, she thinks it should be removed. My thing is I just can't afford the surgery bill, and even then I worry about surgery at Howie's age. It's apparently not harmful and he's in no pain, sleeps on it all the time, and doesn't react when I push at it or brush him. My other cat Henry had a tumor the size of a golf ball on his tummy for years and it was no problem, and I grew up with many dogs that had fatty tumors (common in labs that I had), so if possible I want to just leave it. We had a dog growing up that had several removed, and was in so much discomfort after surgery, I don't want to put Howie through that.

Is it imperative that it be removed, or is it OK as long as it doesn't bother him or get worse?

Alex (sweet angel girl)

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There is honestly no way for any of us to know that sweetie. You need to have Howie checked out. Just voice your concerns to your vet and make sure they know you don't want any unnecessary surgery. But it has to be seen by the vet.

Howie- (1999-2014)

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We've already been to the vet and she did confirm it's a fatty tumor, which is benign and doesn't seen to be causing any discomfort at all. But she still wants to remove it, I guess more of an annoyance issue and to make sure it doesn't grow. But I don't want to put Howie through this if it's not really necessary, and honestly, I can't afford a surgery that really is just cosmetic.

Any one else have a kitty living with a fatty tumor? I've had one cat that had a big one, and one very lumpy dog growing up that was prone to them, but my previous vets never pushed removal.


Georgian Blue
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Lipomas (fatty tumors) are frightening, but harmless. You need to take your cat to the vet. Then, you can decide if you want the tumor removed or not. Keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn't grow. There are both advantages and disadvantages to having a lipoma removed. It's best to follow your vet's advice on the subject.

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My cat was diagnosed with a fatty tumor by his tail. After talking with vet I felt I was being a good cat mom by getting it removed. What a mistake. I will always wonder if he would still be alive if I had not made that choice. It turned out to be a liposcarcoma. Because of the way they grow they get angry when removed( hard to get all of it) and they grow back faster. From what I now understand they don't metastasize and it could of just grown slowly for a long time. I will always wonder. If I had to do it again I would take a watch and see attitude. Make sure you know everything before removing a tumor.