I need help with some FIP opinions :(

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Purred: Wed Nov 14, '12 12:09am PST 
My mommy is going to explain to you what my story is. It's a long story but I hope someone has some good advice or comforting words because I don't feel to good frown

I haven't been on Catster since I adopted my beautiful siamese. He is my 1.5 year old baby boy. His name is Liebchen and since he was a kitten he has always been a little off. When he was younger all he would have to do is look at you with his face and if you were having a bad day it was wiped from your mind.
In July (a little after he turned 1) my friend came to visit and mentioned something about the way he walked. Like he was drunk. I had noticed it before but as I said Liebchen was always a bit of a stare off into space kind of kitty.
For a while after I seriously thought he has cerebellar hypoplasia. But that doesn't get worse and he has gotten progressively worse.
It got to the point that he would jump from a counter (or worse his cat tree) and fall and not land on his feet like his brother. So I took him into to see the vet. His symptoms: lethargy, wobbly legs, and head wobbling when going to lay down or focus, a bit of weight loss eating well though, bowel movements normal. Purred and cuddled still.

She automtically assumed it was FIP. I had never heard of this horrible disease and when she told me it was fatal I couldn't bear to hear it. We ran some bloodwork (Not for FIP because I know now those only test for the virus not the disease) the couple of things she noticed were one of his liver enzymes were a bit high, but he didn't have diabetes, kidney failure or anything like that. The next step of course was taking him to a neurologist and running a bunch of bloodwork, x-rays, MRIs and the like. All of which I sadly cannot afford.
I went home and studied his symptoms and brought liebchen back for a follow up and came prepared with a list of other possibilities. The vet shot them all down. She said she would call the neurologist and ask for the top 5 reasons why a cat would have cerebellar issues.
Two of there top 5 were on my list she had previously shot down...
So instead of doing nothing we are currently treating him for toxoplasmosis and Cardiomyopathy with an antibiotic and prednisone. for the first 4 or five days it seemed like there was a improvement. Instead of pulling himself up onto the couch with his front paws he was jumping. He even jumped onto the bathroom faucet which he hadn't done in a month! But the medication has made him nauseous. He licks his lips and makes gaging reflexes even when he tries to sleep. frown
I have been hiding 1/4 tab of pepcid ac in his wet food which he has been devouring... today, he hasn't touched it. I can't pick him up, when I tried about 20 minutes ago he spit up a bit.... What do I do? Is this FIP? I know the opinion of my vet and she even told my father who went to pick up liebchen's medicine once that she felt I was wasting my time and she was pretty sure it was FIP. I can't stand the fact of playing God and taking this babies life if I can't know for sure it is fatal.
Any suggestions, opinions or words of comfort would be so greatly appreciated. Thank you all...

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**Sorry mommy forgot to post her story earlier but it is all here if someone wants to read my story and help me figure out how to get better...***


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Purred: Thu Nov 15, '12 6:22am PST 
Dear Liebchen and Liebshen's Meouwmy....it is Jan here, from England.....

I had an FIP kitten....he was three months old when I had him put to sleep because he had FIP (and also Pernicious Anaemia) and I had three other cats who could have been infected by both things....

I don't want to frighten you...of course I do not....but it is something that you might have to 'take on board' and come to terms with....

Lionel's symptoms were smallness (he was very tiny), tiredness, and one pupil of his eyes being very different to the other....

i had called him 'Lionel' after my own father, who had died many years before and I SO wanted to remember him through the little cat....

It is a difficult thing to diagnose (apparently) and, perhaps, there is hope for you and yours.....but it may be something that you have to come to term with....

If Lionel had been my only cat I would have let him live his little life out with me and would have been happy to do so....and would have come to terms, gradually, with his little life and his death.....but I had three others.....

Be strong....be strong and be loving.....



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Thank you so much for your kind words. And I believe your right. My poor baby has taken a turn for the worse seemingly overnight. He can't walk and is refusing to eat or drink. He no longer purrs or comes when I call which is something he always did. frown I'm having a very difficult time but it sounds like it may be the best thing for him right now.
Thank you so much for your response. It means a lot. Keeping you and your family in my thoughts and I am going to try and be strong as you were for Lionel.


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Purred: Thu Nov 15, '12 2:15pm PST 
OH you poor dear. All I can say is that I am so sorry for your pain right now. It does not sound good. I know how hard it is to lose a pet, and I say prayers & purr for your peace, and for Liebchen, that he does not suffer. We are surely here if you need someone to talk to.


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Purred: Fri Nov 16, '12 5:36am PST 
Dear Liebchen and Liebchen's Meouwmy.....Jan here....

Please keep me informed about what is happening with Liebchen...I thought about you all yesterday and last night....please write to me via pawmail, c/o Tambolina, or to janet.west2@btinternet.com.....

I have never got over Lionel's death....so any stuff (good or bad) about Liebchen and you would help me, I think....and, perhaps, I can help you?


Orange Ruffy

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Purred: Fri Nov 16, '12 8:42am PST 
Hi Lib's mom,
Mommy had a kitten a long while ago with FIP. FIP is difficult to diagnose.
Have you considered another vet opinion? I ask because some vets like to diagnose.
What we liked about the vet Mom was using with us was that she was very guarded in dianosing anything. Your vet sounds mean.
Blizzards dad had a kitty named Squeaker that had FIP. Sadly, there have been quite a few who have been given the diagnosis of FIP.

Here is what we would suggest:

1) A second opinion.
2 Cornell Vet School has a hotline that you can call and speak with. Cornell is very well known, and has a good reputation. I believe they have done quite a bit of research on FIP.

With Sabrina-momm's kitty who went to the bridge from it: thin, very tired, no neuro symptoms at all. Mommy ran this by her vet tech friend who said to her 'what-neuro not usually FIP related as far as known'.

She's not a vet.

Please see about getting your little one a second opinion. there might be other ideas on this out there. It couldn't hurt.

Purrs for Lib and many many blessings and hugs to you...

Norman DB#93- 2001-2013

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Purred: Fri Nov 16, '12 7:53pm PST 
I am sorry, FIP is awful, we lost one to it in 2009. There is a support group on Yahoo and some of the ladies there are pretty good at reading blood test if you wanted them to look at them. I can tell you FIP is NOT contagious, the virus from which it mutates from is but it is estimated that as much as 95% of the world's cat population already have it. It only mutates in about 5% of them, so you should not worry about any others you have becoming sick with it.

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Purred: Sun Nov 18, '12 11:55pm PST 
i would get a second opinion.

also it is possible he got into something he shouldn't? did they check his blood glucose to see if it was low? this does not sound like FIP or a heart problem to me. I would def. try another vet. are there any feline only vets in your area?

did they do a urine test and what kind of food specifically does he eat?

Also, your vet saying "your wasting your time" is unacceptable. I dont think the vet sounds very committed on figuring out whats wrong with "Little love" (great german name btw)

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We concur with Miss Tiny Burr Burr.

(hey,that rhymes!).

But we too agree...please get a second opinion. We wonder why some people are vets.

FIP is not easy to diagnose-and should not be by somoene who doesn't know cat medicine.

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