Fish allergies???

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Can cats have fish allergies? That could present as throwing up or asthmaa?

My cat, 15 months or so, gets Weruva canned in the morning and evening, and Before Grain kibble all day.

Recently she started throwing up, lost her energy, refused to eat, became sad small kitty.

We took her to the vet who couldn't find any obstructions on xray and recommended we take her to the hospital for ultrasound.

Ultrasound didn't find anything, blood and urine tests were normal.

We put her in the hospital overnight for rehydration and iv meds.

We got her back the next day in a sorry state. She was crazed to get out of the hospital. At home I boiled her some chicken, which she ate and kept down.

However, we had 3 pills (metronidazole, ondansetron, and cyproheptadine), all of which she refused to take. We paid the million dollars to get them compounded into liquids, which made giving her meds possible, though she still didn't like it, and the metronidazole made her foam at the mouth.

I made up "tuna water" both to be a "treat" after meds, and to encourage her to drink.

We started putting her back on her normal food, and she started having asthma attacks, which she'd never had before.

We took her to the vet, and got prescribed predisone tablets, which helped in frequency and severity, but the attacks didn't go away.

One time she had an attack after several days without having had any. After I got depressed about it, I realized I'd given her a Weruva fishy food that day. And the past several days she'd gotten Weruva chicken foods.

Back before the hospitalization, we were feeding her increasing amounts of fishh foods to try to encourage her to eat more, and I started mixing a little tuna in her meals, or adding some of the water in canned tuna, then the throwing up, and the onset of asthma.

My plan now is to toss the Before Grain salmon flavored kibble, and get Before Grain chicken flavored, and buy only the Weruva chicken flavors (maybe even getting some pouches, which I find much more difficult to use than cans).

Toss all the freeze dried cod and shrimp treats, and the bonito flakes, and get the freeze dried chicken chunks as treats.

However, can cats have fish allergies? Is it possible that fishy foods caused or exacerbated all of these problems?

Maybe she's not a "sick kitty" but rather, any time she started feeling peckish, I'd been increasing her fishy food intake and making her sicker?

I don't know if I'm seeing patterns where there aren't any, or getting my hopes up for nothing, or if maybe all this makes sense after all.


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A cat can definitely have fish allergies, but food allergies usually present as itchy skin. A food intolerance, which is slightly different, can cause vomiting. In any event neither the fish flavors or the kibble is doing her any favors. I would try an elimination diet and see if it helps. Generally you feed one novel protein that the cat has never had before for 8-12 weeks. However, in your case if you're SURE she's not allergic to chicken you could try that. You should stick to foods that don't have a lot of ingredients because it could always be something else in the food that's bothering her. We tried Natural Balance, Instinct and Evo cans when we went through this. All of them have limited ingredients. Since she'll eat real chicken you might also consider a raw diet. Our favorite website about food is at catinfo.org. You'll see there why the kibble isn't good for her. I can't remember if it goes into fish flavors as well, but generally there are a lot of impurities (including mercury) in fish. Also, some cats become very spoiled by the strong smell and flavor and will refuse other proteins if you feed a lot of fish. Hope this helps!


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Thanks for the response. I went to catinfo.org and they have a big .pdf on cat nutrition, so I downloaded it to read.

Thanks again!


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Having the smae type of issues with Maizy, except for asthma. She was still eating fine, but was vomiting more & more & losing weight. Blood, urine, xrays all normal. Vet thinks it is either IBD or a food intolerance that is making her not be able to absorb nutrients in the food. I cut out any fish, and no treats that had any corn in it. She has been improving - weight steady. I had been using up the last couple cans of fish flavors with my other cats, and Maizy got in a few bite - she promptly threw it right up - this happened twice. I no longer have any fish flavors at all. So I def agree that it could be an issue.

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Absolutly they can, as Miss Maizy can tell you. I am so sorry you both are having this problem. Good thing there is chicken available for both of you! To bad nobody has mouse as a food! MOL


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Thanks for the info!

Gypsy's asthma is doing better, I haven't heard any more attacks. She's been scratching the front of her face quite a bit, though, and her eyes look a bit puffy and one is a bit runny.

I'm supposed to followup with the vet this friday about the asthma (she put us on 5mg predisone tablets 1/day), so if her eyes are still puffy, I can ask her about it.

I think Saturday I'll go to a place called Pet Sage that I was referred to by the compounding pharmacist. I think it's sort of a nutritionist consultation for your pet.


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Gspsy, sammie has asthma, he's had it for awhile now, he is on prednisone too. he still has attacks, but, they are not has bad has they were before. right now, sammie takes a pill once a week, he has been on prednisone for the last two yrs, hopefully you will see some improvement by friday. keep us updated.



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Did the vet ever talk to you about using an inhaler instead of or in addition to the predisone?


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no, he has kept sammie on the prednisone, after awhile, you could not hear sammie cough, unless you where in the same room with him, if that. he went from a long drawn out cough, to one little cough, so, we are ging to stay with the pill.